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goat.........got a recipe for that frito pie.....i have a good clue as too it......but would like your input on it
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Pretty simple Dude. Put a hand full of small Frito's in the bottom of a bowl. Add chili and top with grated cheese. Feel free to add jalapeños, onions, picante sauce, or anything else strikes your fancy.
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goat, I might be willin to try some Frito's that way. Otherwise they stay in a bag. Can't stand the smell of those little chips PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
Never really understood why they smell like they do. I mean they are corn. confused.gif
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k.....kinda what i thought goat.......but you did say pie.......so i thought it was a baked item

we do somewhat the same......only use doritoes........bottom......the chilli....then more chiips.......topped with montery jack cheese......then baked till chees is browned
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I got a tri pod for Christmas and made my first chili. Saw on youtube this dude made some chili in his DO and put cornbread mix right on top. Kinda like chick'n'dumplings. this is what I ended up with...I had to much heat on the lid and burnt the cornbread a little but was still awesome eats. I cook with coals only and I think for the next batch I will use briquettes to take the guess work out a bit.

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Looking at the pics, looks like you had a hot spot. It's not the fault of the charcoal. Too much charcoal on one spot.


Don't give up. Stay with the charcoal.

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Try smoking the onions also.

Remember when wife mistook the cinnamon for chili powder. She was mortified but I still ate it. nothing better than a good bowl of chili.

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