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First Fatty

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I did my first fatty today along with 3 racks of ribs.
I used maple flavored sausage with onions ,mushrooms and cheese.
I think it is the best sausage I have tasted.
It rained on and off all day and has been a little cold but any day is a good day to smoke. No pictures this time but I will post some next time .
This looks like a good turn in for sausage for our next bbq competition.
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Congrats on your first of many fattys !!!
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Your first but I guarantee not your last!
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you can be very sure of that
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Once ya do a fatty it's almost a must each time. Sooooooo many ways there is no end. Hope ya enjoy it BBQ.icon_exclaim.gif
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First fatty, and not your last. I'm sure your hooked now.
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