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Bear Claws

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I was looking for Bear Claws on e-bay but couldn't find them. I know they have them. Would they be called something else?
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What do you want to use them for? Pull'n pork?

If so, save your money and buy some insulated rubber gloves. They can be used for many things. A butt done right will pull so easy that I don't see need'n the claws.

I've never used them, just my opinion.......worth what it cost ya...................keep the change.
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I have no need for them either but try Bear Paws or Meat Handlers.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I use two big salad forks.
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on ebay under charcoal grills section they have about 10 different ads
for them. 2 heavy duty forks work just as well and last longer.
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Do a search under smoker and all kinds of goodies come up.
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Bear claws from the garden center at home depot, cheep, cheep....and they work great.

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Bought mine from
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I bought a pair. Eh.. they do work very well for handling big hunks, but for pulling, the tips are too soft when they get warm..they flex. Well, the pair I got anyway. I'm gonna have a bud machine me some from stainless :{)
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