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Finishing sauce

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What's the collective opinion on finishing sauces? If you're just going to add BBQ sauce anyway, what's the point of a finishing sauce?
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I guess the best wayI can explain it is, Try it and with it then try it without it. I'll let the finishing sauce speak for itself.
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With a finishing sauce there is not a big need for BBQ sauce.

I have also found that it softens the meat a bit.
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The way I describe a finishing sauce is that it adds another "layer" of flavor.

It is distinct from a bbq sauce, at least to me.

Try it!

SoFlaQuer has a great one for pulled pork, it's a sticky.
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Yep. You just have to try it. I never do pulled pork without SoFlaQuers finishing sauce. I hardly use my bbq sauce on it anymore. I've had folks say they have never had pulled pork taste so good without bbq sauce. To me, it's that good.
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SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce works great for pulled pork. I just keep spritz'n the pile with it as the pile groes, then stir it all up. then It goes into a giant ziplock before the fridge. Before I seal the bag, I drizzle on some of the drippings from the foiled butts. I use the juice from the foil, but let it sttle in the freezer for a few and then skim off the yellow/orange fat at the top. The darker stuff under the fat is what I rewarm in the micro, and then add it to the bag before the fridge. Shake it up and there ya go. No sauce needed!
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Who uses BBQ sauce??? PDT_Armataz_01_23.gifPDT_Armataz_01_35.gifbiggrin.gif
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Absolutely love the tang factor the finishing sauce gives it. I usually eat it without BBQ sauce but if I do add some it is very little and I make sure to stir it in. That way it doesn't overpower and just adds yet another layer of flavor.
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Read the replies. 100% try it. "you'll like it!"
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Not much more to say, the others said it all, just try it you'll like it
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When I use SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce, I hardly use much BBQ sauce either. Basicly just enough to change the color to red. MMMMMM GOOD!!
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To me the finishing sauce made the final touch. It is definately worth a try.
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