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GOSM out of stock in Walmart.com

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Hey, all:

I wanted to buy a GOSM for my girlfriend. No, it's not her Xmas gift; yes, she does want one.

I noticed, however, that both the pee-wee and wide body GOSMs are out of stock in Walmart.com when I checked this morning.

What gives? Is this just a normal inventory dip, or has this product been discontinued?

Thanks very much.

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My guess would be that it's a seasonal item. Some stores may have one left.
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Try Homedepot.com

That's where I bought mine!

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I agree, probably seasonal. It's available at other places, like Amazon. The advantage with Walmart is that if it's dented or other problems, you can get another on the spot. These are great smokers, but notorious for getting dented in shipping. Mine was dented when I got it -- off Ebay -- but I just banged out the dents. The meat will never know the difference.
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Many stores don't stock items they consider "seasonal" all year long.
Depending on your area they might not carry smokers into the winter.

I doubt the GOSM is being discontinued.
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Our local WM just sold the last of theirs for the season. I was there at the right time and place and bought a slightly damaged one for 40 bucks. (normally 128.00).
Check the top shelves of the garden dept. outside, and back in the corners, you may get lucky.
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Very good advice!

I was at my local Home Depot looking for another vegetable pan/meatloaf tray and saw the last one for $15.00 The sku number wasn't on file and wound up getting it for $2.50
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gosm wide body

one on ebay right now..should buy it myself specially since it's only about an hour away

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Our local Walmart keeps them year round they said so may be just out of stock. I was there a week ago and they had just gooton a new palet full in?
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Pretty much the same story around here in So. Cal. I ordered a GOSM Big Block from Amazon, they are out of stock, but will ship (free)when available. Good thing I'm tied up with packing and moving, I'd go nuts waiting for my new smoker.
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try walmart.com- they'll ship to your local store for free.
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here's a direct link to it

ooops brain dead here.
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My local Walmart here in IL. have both the GOSM and big block in stock. The person here said if it is not at .com then Walmart may be inventory reducing for something different for next season.
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I know ar the local walmart they used to be seasonal because they were on sale after summer, but this year they started selling them all year long.
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When I bought mine I had to talk to the dept manager for the lawn and garden stuff, and he checked inside of some storage containers that they keep the seasonal stuff in. He didn't find one, but he did have one brought over from a neighboring store..... My advice to you is talk to the dept head and ask about them. Just because there isn't one on the shelf doesn't mean they won't get one out of storage for you....Good luck
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we got 1 left here but it's not the wide body. if it wasn't for spending so much this week.... it's $99.00
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If you go to Walmart.com, and put in your zip code under the smoker you want, it will tell you which stores has it in stock. I live in New York and thats what I had to do to get mine..

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I just tried on walmart.com and put in my zipcode.....out of stock!
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Also folks...as far as I know, Sal is still in Spain...so a local visit is...err.. well, inconvienient for him.
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Inconvenient, or an advantage??? Maybe they are in stock in Spain!!! Be an optimist, man!!!
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