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Oh the brisket was great. It sliced up very nicely and...well...its gone. I should have smoked 2 of them! It tasted great! I'll be picking up some more briskets to dirty up my smoker a little more icon_smile.gif
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I'm glad your first smoke was a success!!!

If you like brisket, here's something to consider trying.

The smokie okie method for brisket.


Here's mossymo searing a brisket.


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I was going to say, Nice brisket Police, but I must have missed it.
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That looked yummy!!! You have now learned another important lesson... When you smoke something smoke plenty because it disappears quicker than a cat in a dogpound!!icon_smile.gif
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Oh my god I am sooooo hungry now. I could eat that whole brisket by myself right about now!!!
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Hmm mist this thread. Nice job, dude! Major rite of passage there, the First brisket! Congrats!
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Looks delicious! Nice work!icon_mrgreen.gif
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You like cookin brisket's, check out Sobie's meats in town there, that's where we get our comp. brisket's.......................GOOD cow!!! cool.gif

BTW, ever need a taste tester, i'll make the 3 hr drive out, GOOD lookin brisket!!
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