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On the fly smoked beef stew

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Ok, I knew I wanted some beef stew for Sunday night, I was up early today and decided to check out SMF posts and got a hankering for some bbq. I decided I was going to try my hand at smoked beef stew. So I fired-up the gosm, ran to the store and picked up 2 nice chuck roasts and 2 big tomatoes. Here is the plan, cut the tomatoes in half and rub the roasts with some salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder and slap it all in the smoker. I put a can of beef broth in a drip pan under the roasts. I will smoke the roasts for about 2 1/2 – 3 hours because that’s all the time I have today. Tomorrow I will cut the roast into chunks, chop the tomatoes and put it all in a pot with the drippings and make a stew as I normally do. Can’t be all that bad can it?
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Mmmmm, that sounds really good Fritz. Let us know how it turns out and take pictures if you get the chance.smile.gif
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Sounds good... smokey meat is good in ANYTHING that requires meat! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I made what was maybe the best stew that I ever made last weekend. I don't quite know what the majic was except that I seasoned the flour that I rolled the beef in with Cavenders Greek seasoning. In a cast iron skillet I browned the meat pretty good in about a quarter inch of plain old veggie oil. I did that in about four batches because of the volume of meat and when that was done I poured off the excess oil and added the browned flour/rue to the crock pot. I have a pretty good sized crock pot, but next time I am thinking about using the 18 quart electric roaster or maybe a 30 quart pot!
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Fritz sounds great during this cold weather.
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Fritz, what time are we eating? Ya kno I could be there in an hour or so.
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Come on over Dingle...I think 5:30ish.
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You probly wont be watching any football or drinking any adult beverages with that stew huh?
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Fritz, that sounds like a good plan. I tried a beef stew last weekend but I neglected to catch the drippings and put them in the pot. The meat alone just wasn't enough to give a smoky flavor to the stew. I think you're on the right track. Let's us know how it comes out.
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yeah fritz.......using the droppings in the stew WILL impart a smokey flavor.......i know, casue that is what i did on turkey day...........used the dripping to make the gravy with........WOW.........best i have ever eaten.....almost TOO smokey.......IF there is such a thing.....hehehe
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I usually wrap the chuck in foil around 150º and then pull it around 200º. Adding to a stew is a great idea. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I love smoked stew. I've used the chuck twice so far, I wanted to find a fattier meat to use next time and havent decided on what to use. I thought about getting some top sirloin cut @ 2" and telling them not to trim the fat.

Searing the meat first gives a good flavor, I wouldn't recomend searing black like a brisket. the seond time when I seared it was good. I had to throw some porkfat on the fire to get some good flames!

did the porkfat thing when I made french dips out of a chuck!
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Smoke meat is awsome in soups, stews and chillis - enjoy!
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Ok, finally set-up a photobucket account, hope the q-views come out the right size.

Here are the pics of the roast, tom's and the drippings after a 2 hr. 15 min. smoke.

Now all I hve to do is make some stew today.

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Sounds tasty Fritz. Didja deglaze the browning pan with about a cup of red wine and reduce by half? If not- try it next time. Alot of flavor remains in that browned sticky goo at the pan bottom.
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Rich, I will be cutting the roast in chunks today. The roast smoked for 2.25 hours (see pics). Do you think I should still brown the chunks? If so, I will definetly de-glaze.
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I would... adds a nice color to the meat chunks, as in the stew they will not color. Chop a small onion into the browning pan too, with a few Tblspns oil...brown the 'ell out of it while browning the meat... red wine de-glaze.
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Thanks Rich, I will do that, the wine adds a nice richness (lol) to the stew. Do you flour the meat before browning? Also, wish i smoked an onion.
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Eh, ya don't need to smoke the onion. Who was it here that said "Smoke is an ingredient" recently? You CAN flour, but remember this may thicken the stew before ya want to...or more than ya want to, as you already mentioned a browned flour roux.

On EDIT: Forget the flouring the meat..it'll cook off in the stew anyway, leaving the red meat showing as before.
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Great advice!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Many Thanks.
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