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Man it's Early/Late. . . . First Butt requires sacrifice

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Not that it's a big deal to get up, click on the Traeger, take a few pictures and shut the lid, but it is 3:00am.

Coated with Mustard and rubbed up real well:

Going on the smoker:

Going back to bed now, more to come after sunrise. . . . .
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Looking Good! Show some more when you get a chance.
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looks great so far... look forward to the finished qview!!
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heh...yeah, it's a little more difficult with an charcoal ECB, but what the heck, yer up, might as well start a fire! :{)

Keep us updated. Nice lookin' butt!
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Looks great so far.....all good BBQ takes a bit of sacrifice and hopefully a nap this afternoonwink.gif
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Looks good so far, It makes for a long night, but well worth it.
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Hey, that's not the way to do it! Ya' gotta stay up, drink beer, play with fire, drink beer, take more pictures, then drink more beer! Sheesh! tongue.gif

Butt seriously, nice butt!
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jeez... kids these days! heh!
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Nice BUTT!
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Looking graet, so far...stick with it...the reward is well worth it in the end

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That looks good, and to be honest, after seeing yours I think I have one left in the freezer. You got me graving for pulled pork sammies. Some where I seen some one put it in Pita pockects.Now that sounds really good.
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That sure looks good, can't wait to see the "after" pictures.icon_smile.gif
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Keep us posted looks like your off to a great start.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Classic! Actually, I had a number of them while grilling burgers and throughout the evening, before going to bed. Not to worry though I'm sure it will be a "long afternoon"!!

Here is an update. . . presently hangin around 150 just sprayed again with apple juice. Gonna pull at 165 and do the wrap job on it. I'll take another picture then. It's looking awesome already.

Here is what it looked like at 7:00a and around 115. I flipped it to put the fat crown on top, and re-dusted it with rub. . . . just because.

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Hey, stop rubbing in the fact that you guys can drink beer today, I have to work tonight.
I did get up early to fire up the smoker as well. put on two butts that I am doing for my works Holiday party. They decided to have a BBQ competition this year. I am trying to get them done in my "off time" since the party is during the week, but thanks to the snow I get to work today. I have to admit this is the coldest outside temps I have ever made Q in. Hovering around the mid to upper 20's and snowing, but I am maintaining temp better than expected. I don't have any pics but will take some and post later.

Well better get back to it

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That sure is lookin good stl-srt8!!

Nate, good luck with your smoke.
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Good luck with your smoke. . . it is right around 35 here. Just missing the freezing rain. We had our share of that last year! Lost a tree because of it. But it makes for some great pictures.

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Looking great srt8. Man I wanna smoke something!! Some of us have to work on Saturdays.
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Yeah, I made mini-pita apps with pulled and a vinegar sauce for my bud's birthday dinner last month. 2 bites...Yum! Flavors go VERY well!
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Finally hit 165. Hit that plateau. . . it's taken 4 hours to creep 20 degrees. I cheated to save pellets and took it off the Traeger at 165, double wrapped it in foil and put it in a 225 oven. Still only at 167! Right on schedule though, should be done by 4:00 (hopefully).

Here it is at 165:

One with unnecessary zoom. . .just showing off the camera!!

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