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I am sure that you have already started your smoke, but how about this? Bring your crab boil to a boil and dip your ribs in the boiling mixture for a few minutes and then plop them on the smoker.
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Yep they just went on. If these don't kill anybody, and taste good, then I may try that. Thanks Goat, that sounds good.
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Let us know how they turn out RIP. Inquiring minds want to know.
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Well even a blind hog gets an acorn sometimes..........But this was not one of them times. The ribs had a blan taste to themicon_cry.gif and the crab boil was really stong when I mixed it.confused.gif But we did eat them, I mean they weren't that bad. But I won't be doin that again. Anyway here is some q-view. Look how pale the ribs looked when I put them on.

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Hmm... I bet something went wrong chemically there, leaching out or reacting with the liquid boil.

Hmmm like I said, I use dry Old Bay sometimes and like it...dunno RIP... but thanks for keeping me from tryin' it... PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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RIP .... they looked good anyway.... try that Old Bay as a rub.... use it carefully tho.... it is salty.... If you want that Crab seasoning taste.... i eat that stuff on almost everything.... eggs, chicken, fish, meat of all kinds, steam shrimp with it.... for crabs i use J O seasoning.... (Old Bay with rock salt basically).... sprinkle some on anything as a taste test....
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They sure look good!
The rest of your feast looks awesome!!
Thanks for keeping us updated on your
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Eatting some of the ribs again, they are alot better today. Still won't do it again.
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well @ least they were eadible....arethose smoked scalloped taters ? if so- try throwing a few strips of bacon across the top next time- excellente'
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Home made Mac an Cheese.
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Hey RIP - I got the same smoker - why the pan where the 4th rack goes (above the water bowl)?
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Good job on the "homemade" mac and cheese. 1 he!! of a lot better than that boxed up crap.
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I put it in for a drip pan.
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