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Pipe fitter/ welder and metal fabricator since I graduated high school. Love it especially since it helped in me building my own smoker and getting started with this awesome good tasting hobby.
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Admire those skills.  You'll never go hungry with skills like that.  Even when/if the s*** hits the fan you'll have valuable much in demand talents to see you through the hard times.

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I did industrial maintenance for 22 years. In the last recession, my employer moved all our jobs to China and Mexico. Now I am a Transmission System Operator for a Generation and Transmission COOP. That means I'll keep the lights on for ya.

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USAF, 14 years and counting!
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After 27 yrs of Naval Service, I'm a Sr System Analyst/Administrator for DoD here in Virginia Beach, VA

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Mâle nurse and dont call me gaylord focker
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TB Racehorse Trainer for 35 years,  Prior to that a Kansas Ranch/farm boy.  The Horses took me all around this country, many times, and gave me the opportunity to eat at the best places from North to South to East to West.  The best BBQ in the country is a little place in SE Oklahoma.  Bar None.

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I am a high school science teacher. I teach Earth and Environmental Science to mostly 9th graders. In that same realm I've worked on projects for USFS and NASA.

Before that I worked as a manager at an Advance Auto Parts Store and did shade tree work on folk's transportation.


Many hats.

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I've been a CAD designer in the civil engineering industry since 1994.
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I'm a kept man.

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Electrical Mechanic for the local power company, Comed.

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Nuclear Power Plant (Three Mile Island) for 41 yrs in operations dept. Now I'm on med leave due to back problems!


Smoke using a Masterbuilt digital electric smoker      for hot smoking, and Weber Weber One-Touch Porcelain-Enameled Charcoal Grillfor cold smoking with a home made mini heater to heat the wood chips. For grilling, I us a WeberWeber Performer Black Porcelain-Enameled Charcoal Grillcharcoal grill with with fancy cart with charcoal storage underneath. I also have a Weber gas grii and just bought an 4 burner infrared gas grill with side burner with cast iron grittle.            Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Commercial 4-Burner (36000 BTU) Liquid Propane Gas Grill with Side Burner                         .439.gif

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I retired after 30 years with the inspector general within the federal government.  Now do contract work with a CPA firm out of Atlanta, Georgia.

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Active Duty US Navy!! Red
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Unemployed at the mo, used to be a Chef

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I am now on Disability, was put there in 2010 by my Family Doctor at the age of 51.  I have Frontal Lobe Dementia.  Previous to this, I was truck driver, over 6 Million miles driven.  I have been to 50 States, 10 provinces and 2 territories.  Did that for over 30 years

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Retired steel mill raw materials purchasing manager. Now events coordinator at a state park.
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