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20 years in the airline biz. Hung that up in '01, did the stay at home Dad thing for awhile then opened up my own biz. Chef/owner of a catering outfit. We do small events (under 100), private dining, personal chef service & cooking classes
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My Job

I am a Nuclear Pharmacy Technician and have been for almost 5 years. I am about to graduate college and move to Ft. Worth to become an accountant. I hope to get my CPA license in the months to follow. Can't wait to get out of Tyler, Tx. No restaurant can make any bbq worth going to eat. I can't wait to taste that spicy Railhead again....counting the days.
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Retired Letter Carrier.
Lugged the old mailbag for 38 years, enjoying my retirement for the past 6 years.
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I am a Crane Opperator
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tires store/repair garage manager.
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Work as a Tech Lead on the Internet helpdesk for an ISP in kansas serving about 20,000 customers.
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Retired now....have a younger family so care for my kids as main job now.

Before retirement....Built homes for 12 yrs.

Before that............Built Leaded glass windows for 15 yrs

Before that............Broadcast engineer in Chicago (Channel 9) (12 yrs)

Seems like about every 10 yrs I got bored and changed jobs....found out I did best when self employed......!

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Retired Math Teacher.......Presently working for our local golf course in maintenance.........Living the Dream!
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I installed flooring for 15 years, decided I wanted a less strenuous job. Made a bad call and became a police officer 9 years ago. Here are some dumb stories I wrote about some of my encounters with idiots.

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Internet guy

Does it all. Everything related to Internet.
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Manage a non-profit association related to agriculture.
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Computer nerd.
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I design and sell high end security systems including CCTV - Access Control and other stuff (LOL) to the Government and DOD contractors. Got to play on Navy ships and airplanes and other realy cool places.

Soon to be Retarded - I mean retired
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I am an Account manager for a welding supply company in Houston. My other job is a Captain with the Dodge Volunteer Fire Department.
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I work for a paper sales Company called Dunder Mifflen...possibly you have see my mug on TV. Pam is my GF;)
Just kidding, I am a Mechanical, Plumbing and Fire Protection designer.

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retired carpenter
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WOW !!! This reads like a good book......can't believe how creative some of you guys are with your Pics and graphics!! I could probably ask you how you did it....but then, I'm sure I couldn't understand it anyway !!!

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i still shoot frozen chickens out a cannon at aiplane windows
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air traffic controller
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I am a chemical operator. I work shift work in a chemical plant making Acetone and Acetone derivatives.
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