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Thank you for that! Sadly, here in Canada our military doesn't get the same support that you all show for yours.
Semper Fi!
I was in Canada once on Remembrance Day (Nov 11), and it seemed like a genuine big deal to most people. In the USA a lot of people seem to forget. My impression was that Canadians deeply respect and honor the sacrifices made by a few.
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Please don't get me wrong, and I'm not sure that this is the proper place for this discussion. However, remembrance is huge here! But the day to day support you show your troops and what happens in Canada are two different things. Many years ago we were on convoy heading down for training. Road crews stopped working and saluted us and placed their hand over their hearts. As we passed through a city, people would wave and cheer. Just saying we don't see that up here.

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Happy to say that I am retired, as is my wife.  After college, I began my work career as a police officer in Atlanta.  After 8 years a brief stint at a bank, then went to law school and spent most of my career as a lawyer. 

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Retired Union Pipefitter. Local 208, Denver, Colorado.

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Correctional officer

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Correctional officer

That's Great, we can always use one of them here!! :biggrin:


Welcome, Gary!! :welcome1:




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lol I cant be the 1st on this thread lol. big shoes to fill lol

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retired 11 years ago after 41 years with the largest industrial supply company in the USA, specializing in bearings, power transmission, electrical, pnuematic, and hydraulic  equipment for industry.

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