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Retired,  Worked 27 Years at my Local Township.  Mostly Sanitation and Recycling Trucks.  Most Places my Username is "junkmansj"

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Machine Technician in food packing factory. Proud of my job and place where I work.

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I work in investment risk at a pension plan. Makes me feel good to be part of the money making investment process that supports so may public employee's retirement.
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I am a retired computer person.  Mostly operations management over several data centers over 30 years.

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I work at a chemical manufacturing plant not far from Death Valley. I've held many positions starting as a security officer/weigh master,

solid fuel handler (coke and coal), journeyman electrician, and currently a planner/scheduler for the I&E folks. Celebrated 30 years in April and my service gift was a smoker.  

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Retired State Police Officer after 27 years then 8 years as a contractor for the government. Then my daughter had triplet boys so I've been retired for the past ten years babysitting, or "big boy sitting" as my grandsons say. :-)

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I'm a University Professor/Biostatistician.  I teach the class that nobody wants to learn, but I try my best to make it a little more approachable.  Maybe my students would like me more if I showed up for class with some fresh smoked pulled pork!

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i work for the county road dept i been doing this for ten years now i am really good at leaning on a shovel coffee breaks and lunch are my favorite times of the day well except quitting time which is my all time fav dont get me wrong i love hard work i can sit down right next to it and watch it all day long LOL

We have similar occupations! I work for the state Highway department. Somebody has to keep those shovels from falling over, right? LOL!

All joking aside, I plow snow in the winter, and pave and chip seal in the summer. Not a bad gig!

Don't get whistle bit!

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I design and build houses. I specialize in super-high-eficincy homes. I was the first builder in central Indiana to become a "Certified Passive House Builder" through the Pasive House Institute, US. I built a home about 18 months ago that's about 6,000 square feet, 7 bedrooms, 5 baths, and heating & cooling combined for the entire year was $430.00.

My first house was 3,000 square feet and I used to have some $500.00/month heating bills!
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Tour manager for a band. Lots of time spent on the road, but when home I get plenty of downtime to smoke.
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Chiropractic physician

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IT Technician for the last 20 years.

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