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I am.


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22 years as a fishing captain. Own my own charter boat service in venice louisana. Just hopenter I'm as good at smoking as I am at fishing
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Welcome aboard Captain. We have something in common. We both are smoking meat enthusiasts and I also am a Captain of a Charter boat in Minnesota.
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Lemon and avocado Farmer and Guacamole purists.
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Avocado farmer as well.
An area called Escondido in SoCal.
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I am an estimator/account manager for a large mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractor in the twin cities. Been in the HVAC industry since graduated college to be a history teacher... yea I know there is a direct correlation to boilers and the rise of the Ottoman Empire....
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Floor and wall tiler for last 10 years
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Orthopedic surgeon for 20 years

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I am a career firefighter holding the rank of Battalion Chief. Been there for 24.5 years. New to this site and loving it!!
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Welcome welcome all our new members
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Grain and vegetable farmer here. Been raising crops all my life, but running the family business for 20+ now.
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I am a realtor in San Francisco, CA for 29 years working for Coldwell Banker.

I just got my Weber Smokey Mountain last Friday and had our first Brisket and Pork Shoulder on Saturday.

I am hooked! looking forward to smoking turkey legs next!

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Self employed industrial sewer cleaner specializing in the worst of the worst 20yrs.....the smell of smoke is

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I am now a Social Service Worker at Kern County in Bakersfield California
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I'm a superintendent of schools. I've been in education for 24 years. 

I am also a nationally recognized motivational speaker. Check out my website

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