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Working at a CPA firm, and studying for the CPA exam.  Only been out of college for about 3 years now.  Also, help coach a college lacrosse team with the limited spare time I have.

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Retired, worked for Canadian National Railways for 35 years.
Bought a Bradley Smart Smoker and loving it.
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I have done many things. From a professional baker to residential property manager. Most recently and for the last 12 years commercial/multifamily flooring sales. Looking for a new job after a relocation from MD to SWFL

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Maintenance Manager by day. Fishing Guide by night.
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Im a journeyman millwright at a power plant. Ive been working in the field for 25 years.

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Hello. I'm retired after being an Operator in coal fired power plants for 39 years so i too have worked my share of shifts and holidays. We live in Georgia and have a second home in North Carolina. My hobby is collecting (accumulating according to my wife) guns. Because of the war on coal they closed down the last plant I worked at (28 years). As an aside they dynamited the 1000 ft stack a couple weeks ago. If your interested search YouTube for Plant Branch stack. There are a bunch of videos but a 6 minute one made by CDI, the company that did the demo is the best in my opinion. Here is a link. Happy smoking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-I8dYQjJRXU
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Union journeyman ironworker looking to become a journeyman bbq smoker before reaching retirement
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Retired technical manager  ( glass container manufacturing ) from the US living in Thailand. Full time master of wasting time in pursuit of whatever I feel like now! 

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Have you guys seen that new Ben Affleck movie "The Accountant"? Yeah that's me. I have a CPA license and work as an international banker.
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Full Time: Probation Officer for 11 years.... Part Time: Clerk at Jail & Sports Clerk at local paper  Unpaid: Volunteer Firefighter for 22 years.

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Own my own automotive repair shop.

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Retired RN. Biker, grandfather, writer, dreamer, meat smoker. Logistics volunteer at our local festivals and events. Also a wine maker and drinker as well as a seriously out there atheist and humanitarian.
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I'm retired a little over a year now. Loving it. Before, I was a Mechanical Engineer for 40 years, did everything from design, process/product engineering, some supervising. When I retired I was the CMM programmer/operator, used 4 different types of CAD, plus ran the Calibration program.

Now I smoke stuff, drink craft beer, read and do a variety of projects around our house that was built in the 1890s. Haven't gotten bored yet.

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