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Professor; bioarchaeologist
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I am a firefighter/paramedic in a suburb of Chicago. I am very new to this. I have literally smoked three times so far. Other hobbies include triathlon.
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Say hi to Lucy for me. :biggrin:

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Same as a air traffic controller but with ships instead of airplanes

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Retired fireman, 35 years in suburban Chicago. Caught the smoking bug at the firehouse. Using an electric smoker at the firehouse is like using a crockpot on steroids! What fireman doesn't like smoked meat?
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Retired Air Force, 22 years, retired school board employee, 33 years, and just plain tired. but not to tired to SMOKE

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I am a cook looking to start up my own food truck then restaurant
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I am a desktop publisher/designer for a major printing company for the past 21+ years
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United States Navy submariner been in 10 years.
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I'm a CPA (36 years and counting).  Currently I'm the CFO for the Maryland Legislature.  I'm fairly new to the whole grilling experience (except for the basic hotdogs & burgers over a bed of coals schtick we all learned from watching dad as a kid).  But I do love to eat, and I'm just discovering a newfound love of trying new recipes & meal preparation processes, so I figured learning some of the finer points of grilling was a next logical step.

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I am a former Corrections Officer turned kindergarten teacher's aide. I am also a wife, mother of 4 and grandmother of 2. Summers off to dabble in smokiness!
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I'm a deputy sheriff with 27 years on. My assignment for the last 9 years is K9 handler working an EOD dog.
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Human Resources Director for a medical facility.

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Marine Electrician 

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Nuclear Station Operator
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Originally Posted by flynbyu2 View Post

I'm a deputy sheriff with 27 years on. My assignment for the last 9 years is K9 handler working an EOD dog.

Thanks for your service. icon14.gif
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Business owner

- Licensed Professional Engineer - Civil/Geotechnical and Materials engineering


The above in English

- nerdy foundation engineer and we test all phases of construction to make sure the concrete, soil, steel, fireproofing, rebar, etc. is built according to plan and is as strong as it should be

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Thank you, but the dog does all the hard work.
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26 Years as a State Corrections Officer. I work in the wall towers now as I don't heal as fast as I used to. I am also an equal partner in a farm that we lease out to a neighboring farmer, and we sell some minerals (sand). I can retire, but I'm too young. 

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I'm a teacher. I love being a teacher because every year I get to meet a whole new group of young people and get to know them and their parents. I also like being a teacher because that gives me the summer to backpack, camp, and, of course, smoke meats!
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