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I own a taxidermy business and trap on the side.
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I work at a nuclear power plant.  Been there for about 6 years.  Its a great place to work!

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Im a lead Electrical Test  Tech  for a large company that builds Light Rail and Subway cars.

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I'm a maintenance technician for a seat supplier for trucks. I help keep the assembly line going so the customer does not shut down production.
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I'm in Human Resources.
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Machine Tool Designer and Chief Engineer

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I'm the chief actuary for a small insurance company doing business primarily in Central and South America.

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I work for the Tulsa Fire Dept. It's the best job in the world!!! We smoke a lot of meat on duty and another fireman referred me to this forum
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Been retired since '97.  Just do anything I damned well please - assuming I get up.  I have achieved my life's ambition,  to live long enough to become an old fart.  In my past life, I was a scientist, going from chem lab analyst to gamma ray spectroscopist.  Loved every minute of it for nearly 39 years.  Even got to do some deep ocean spectroscopy, and visited Davy Jone's locker over two miles down.

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Union IronWorker... Local 808 out of Orlando, Fl.
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Race engine builder and former golf professional now partially disabled.

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Retired pipefitter/welder and now NRA certified firearms instructor.

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HVAC gas fitting and refrigeration
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Line Cook in Chicago. 

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Originally Posted by sisco View Post

I'm curious to learn what y'all do to support this and your other hobbies.
I am the head chef at a family run smokehouse restaurant. The first of its kind in my region.

(I did do a search for this topic, couldn't find any evidence that this subject has come up before; if it has point me in the right direction!)

Myself, I've worked for the same company for 27 years - a fossil fueled (coal) power generation station. Worked rotating shifts for most of those years as a control room operator. Last July I took the salaried position of Database Coordinator; straight days, weekends & holidays off.
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Trash truck driver
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Retired carpenter local union 85 Rochester NY  :smilie_flagge13:

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I'm a retired teacher: chemistry and forensic science. I was "raised" in the kitchen by my Russian Grandmother. My dad died in Korea, and my mom went to Seattle to work full time. She didn't drive, and so I just hung around the kitchen learning how to cook. After she passed away, I was only 14 and used to make the Christmas and Thanksgiving turkeys. I also was in the Air Force during Viet Nam, and ended up in Germany for several years. 

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Retired as a conductor on the Penn Central, Conrail, and Norfolk Southern Railroads.  Retired for 5 years after 41.5 working.

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Finance Manager at a Toyota Dealership in IL

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