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Owner/operator of "jimmy rays" bar-b-q and custom catering. I work out of a food truck. I have been doing that for the past 5 years. A lot of fun but a pain in the ass being a small business owner. Job is never done.

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I'm a retired Financial Analyst (retired November 2011).

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IT Professional, all areas for the last 20+ years, 16 with my current employer.  Infrastructure, servers, desktops, web development, database servers, virtualization, you name it and I've probably done it.

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I'm a vibration technologist. I preform vibration test to mil. spec on communication satellite components as well as some other specialty aerospace hardware. 100% batch testing is done for hardware going into space.
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Retired police officer/crime scene investigator; 21 years on the job.
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Retired,  Was in the Steel erection  and Crane rental business



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Facilities Engineer (fancy name for maintenance man) at a local hospital. HVAC by trade, but here I have learned to do it all. If it breaks, my team has to fix it or call in someone that can.

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Been with the Sheriff's Office for 24 years. Started as corrections Deputy and have worked my way up to the rank of Captain. It's been fun.
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Self employed service tech. in the industrial woodworking industry for the last 24 years , and have been in the industry for a total of 40. Time fly's when your having fun so they say

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Flatbed truck driver for 3 years
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I own an on site auto detail company. 25 years in the family business. Get me out!!
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I have been a Grocer for 30 years. Started out in the Meat department and worked my way up!

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I'm a Recruiter, Headhunter, Talent Acquisition Specialist or whatever term is popular at the moment but more or less I find people for jobs.

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20 yrs as experimental mechanic in tillage divsion. Build them/ Break 'em before the farmer gets to buy them.

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Manager at a Line-X protective coatings.
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Journeyman welder :welder:

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worked at a rubber factory in Cadillac Michigan bill lift trucks in Battle Creek mi for 10 years drove truck for 20 years for consolidated freight now I'm retired smoking meat fishin gardening doing exactly what I want to do
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First 10 years on a Michigan dairy farm. 10 years or so short order cook at my brother's restaurant in eastern NC (called The Baker's Square, hence I thebscook speaketh). Currently a commercial chicken farmer with a 7-5 job at a metal roll forming plant in western Ky. Day starts at 4:30 chicken feeding and ends when I can't see good enough to bush hog or play catch with twin 8 year old girls.

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I'm an environmental specialist.
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I am a semi-retired owner of a fire protection sprinkler system installation contractor. Been in the fire protection industry 49 years.
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