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Retired, spending my time, duck hunting, goose hunting, fishing and training a new Labrador puppy (what the hell was I thinkin!!)

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I'm an air traffic controller for the FAA, I've been doing this now for about 7 years.
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Just an ol retired farmer-rancher.    Let the young bucks do all the work.   I  smoke, garden, photography and travel a bit.    Raised cattle, wheat, milo , and other grains for a lot of years.  Even raised sheep for a few years,(but, I don't brag about them) LOL.

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I am an Executive Assistant at Warner Bros. Pictures.  Been at WB for 28 years.

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Conductor with Union Pacific Railroad in Kansas City currently.  Hope business picks up enough this year to use my engineers license.

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What sheep do you raise?  I grew up with hampshires and cross

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Research and Development Technician / Implementation Coordinator for Ebonite International Inc. (worlds largest bowling ball manufacturer).

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im a telco repairman/splicer/re-engineer/lineman at att if its broke i fix it, needing replaced i replace and splice it been there 18 years. also im a team member of our disaster recovery spec ops/ hazmat operations.

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911 Dispatcher for 18 years.

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This is my 40th year as a truck driver. I haul gravel in the spring, summer and fall with my own truck, and tree length logs in the winter. Just about all bush work
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Been a fire truck mechanic for about 4 years now army for 5 years before
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Originally Posted by sisco View Post

I'm curious to learn what y'all do to support this and your other hobbies.

(I did do a search for this topic, couldn't find any evidence that this subject has come up before; if it has point me in the right direction!)

Myself, I've worked for the same company for 27 years - a fossil fueled (coal) power generation station. Worked rotating shifts for most of those years as a control room operator. Last July I took the salaried position of Database Coordinator; straight days, weekends & holidays off.
I am a butt wiper
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I am a direct support staff
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I'm a chef.
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I'm an Ex Chef ? Personal Chef... Cooking is my passion and ALWAYS love to BBQ...

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Basically retired, managed a hardware store the last few years. Working PT for a car dealer ship now, but planning to go back to hardware. Love working PT, more time to cook!

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I retired after 20 yrs with AF ANG. 7 yrs Active Duty and the remainder in the traditional guard. During that time I hired on with the Sheriff's Office as a Deputy Sheriff. That was just under 15 years ago.
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I worked for a telephone company for 26 years and retail for 8 years

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Used to work in insurance (political fundraising before that) now I work in B2B marketing as a salesman. In my free time if I'm not working I'm cooking, smoking or grilling you can find me deer or hog hunting or at a Texas Rangers game (between April and October that is!)

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I was a steel fabricator for 25 years, needed a change 2 years ago and got a millwright position at the city owned water treatment plant. When I'm done there I sometimes have a few small jobs at my own small welding shop. I'm new to smoking, but eager to learn!
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