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I worked as a firefighter for 33 years with all sorts of part-time work. Worked a couple of years after retiring from the firefighting job to do some contract writing projects and now retired living on pension.

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I am a welder by trade.

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Certified Red Seal Chef for the last 27 years. Usually managing restaurants throughout my hopitality career. Currently a Casino Customer Service Host. Also a Chef/Owner of a restaurant not quite open yet but getting there.



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Senior Claims Specialist for Commercial Marine Claims insurance. Quite simply, if your a seaman who gets injured while at sea, I handle your insurance claims.

Lots of pressure, but pays pretty well.

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Construction Inspector for the local School District..:smilie_flagge13:

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25+years in customer service. Love people and solving problems or filling needs of customers. Even mean rude people can be killed with kindness.
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I'm an airline pilot for US Airways. Just starting to take an interest in smoking and trying to learn here. About to go out and buy a WSM
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I am a foreman at a scrap yard.
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I am a manager of a group home and 3 individual programs for people that have intellectual disabilities. I've been doing this for almost 24 years. 

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Well I was involved in the manufacture of exploration drilling equipment in Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. Recently I also did consultant work with a company starting up manufacturing drilling consumables in the Philippines. I spent 30 years in Australia operating my own company inKalgoorlie Western Australia until I sold up and retired in 05. Then bought 100 olive trees and made my own olive oil as well as opening a wood fired pizzeria in Western Australia. In 2011 I moved to the philippines where I now operate a wood fired pizzeria in Sabang Purperta Galera with my wife. And here in the Philippines Life's Good.
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Police officer- Lieutenant in charge of criminal investigations.
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Retired. I ran a small  general store for 10 years and then had a gunsmith shop for 19 years. Currently enjoying life and landscape-nature photography.

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Originally Posted by Red Dog View Post

Retired. I ran a small  general store for 10 years and then had a gunsmith shop for 19 years. Currently enjoying life and landscape-nature photography.



Me too. No more Newspaper Sports, Weddings or Little League Photography. Moving on to landscape-nature photography also. Maybe back out to your state again in the future Red Dog. Planning a trip to Maine, Vermont and New York for this next Fall.


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Advertising / Architectural Photographer...Freelance

Been smoking and lurking these forums for a long time...

Making effort to be a little more active posting.

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Retired from the Navy after 25 years, work 9 plus years as a Chief engineer on a research vessel at Scrips Institute of Oceanography, work a contractor for the navy providing oversight in diesel engine repair and just started a new job as a Port Engineer for the Navy

I also did BBQ catering for several years with a Lang model 84, but had to sell after a divorcee and no where to store it,



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Corporate Recruiter for a Custom Software Developer company for the last 8 years, before that 12 years of Retail. Love helping people find jobs.

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I am a Personal Chef working on getting into the BBQ competition circuit. Here to learn and to share.

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I happen to be retired. More time than money but still manage to enjoy life.

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Security officer
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I am a senior process designer. I am also a photographer on the side.
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