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Meat manager for Sprouts Farmers Market in North Texas.
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I am a funeral director in Massachusetts. I have been in the industry for over 20 years. 18 Years at my present co.

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Hollow Metal Detailer for a hollow metal door and frame company.
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I'm a beancounter.  Coach a little baseball whenever I can.

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I work for an Engineering firm doing electrical drawings. We design retail, restaurants, car dealerships, health care facilities, an manufacturing facilities.

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Build homes of all sizes and have been doing so for 20 plus years....generally framing but have done all aspects of constructing a home.Busy as hell right now so my smoking time is getting precious!

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I'm a ssg in the army for the last 20 years just started smoking about 3 years ago
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RN in ER. Might not be on as much as I would like for a while.
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copied from a duplicate thread which I deleted:


12/3/12 at 6:03am
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Been working 22 years for a major railroad.

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12/3/12 at 7:08am
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Here's one that's been going for awhile:



I see this is your first post here, when you get a minute would you do us a favor and go to Roll Call and introduce yourself so we can get to know you and give you a proper welcome, also would you add your location to your profile, we like knowing where you are when we talk to you, Thanks!

PLEASE Don't @mention Me!
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8/21/14 at 11:34am
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I'm retired and disabled ; I do what Mama says :wife:.





 MY ARSENAL INCLUDES:  TEJAS2040CC  -  NB-REDRIVER-sfb  -  PRE-BURN BARREL  -  UDS ,  2  MAVERICK-732's , 1 (ULTRA-FAST , BLACK ,COVERT) - THERMOPEN ,  AMNPS with lots of extra pellets ,  , a WEEDBURNER , a Thermo - Grill and a Q-bana to do it in...

I'm a Texan and darn proud of it...texas.gif

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I am an equipment operator in an organic compost in Israel.  One day I hope to take my smoked meats and sandwiches to a whole new level as a vender.

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I am a Project Engineer for a controls contractor. Primarily manage projects and do high level Tridium Niagara programming. Also provide technical support within our company as well as pre sales engineering support.
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U.S.Navy SeaBee !!!! And heavy equiment operator at a cement plant during the day and a heavy smoker the rest of the time.
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Semi Retired at the moment. I was an Aviation logistics Consultant. I advised the customer on the best methods to manage and utilize thier fleet of aircraft. Sounds simple but it's really organized Kaos.
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I'm a professional nerd :) Have been designing and writing software for the last 17 years. I am currently working for GE.

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Heavy Equipment Operator/ Truck Driver for a construction outfit.been there for 3 years but been in the construction buisness since 1992.
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I'm a SR Mechanical Seal Repair Specialist for one of the world’s leading providers of engineered technology.

These seals are for all types of pumps big or small. Been in there since 2000.

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Commercial Finance.


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Registered Nirse in Long Term Care.
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I am a retired automobile (Cadillac/Oldsmobile) sales manager and Major stroke patient. Now I am a amature smoker cook. Smoking mullet and ribs are my favorite.

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Currently work for Lowes as a Plumbing Dept Sales Specialist.  Have filled a wide variety of employment shoes in the last 40 years. Last gig was 5 years of Assisted Living for DD men. Most of my background though has been construction material sales - mostly plumbing.

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