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I'm a retired Air Force Chaplain and Presbyterian Minister

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Brand new to the Forum and to online communication. Many occupations since 1963. Aircraft industry, U.S. Airforce, machining, carpentry, cabinet and trim, mine surveying, sign writing, substance abuse counselor, pipe fitting, industrial construction and lubrication. Retired in 2007 (diabetic neuropathy) but couldn't live on SSI. Now a full time level 4 (armed) security officer at a cellphone distribution facility in Fort Worth, Texas. Good recreation to BBQ/smoke meals. Always looking for the new and different techniques. A few months ago we bought a Masterbuilt model 2604 electric smoker that has pretty much retired our 2 Brinkmann round smokers, 2 hibachis, outdoor George Foreman grill, and an old New Braunsfels charcoal/wood smoker. We still use our CharGrill MasterPro gas/charcoal grill for steaks. Eddie Martin Jr, Arlington, Texas 

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Self employed for the last 15 years in the construction industry handyman kinda of things jack of all trades master of none (lol)
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I am a software developer.

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Gday all,im a fitter by trade but for the last seven years i have been driving lpg road tankers,7000 to 20000 lts trucks,the company is Origin Energy

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Retired from 35+ years in construction. Love to cook and opening a fish taco place here in Rio De Janeiro. Fish tacos first and later, pulled pork sammiches

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I'm a financial analyst for a manufacturing company prior to that I was an accountant. 

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After a few decades of traveling throughout the good ol' USA, I settled down to being a Baby Boomer Retirement (non-financial) Coach. In other words, I help my fellow Post 50ers figure out just what the heck it is that they either want to do when they retire.


The other side are the men and women who have retired and all of a sudden (generally after about six months of making sure the couch doesn't sprout legs and walk off) wake up one day and say something along the line of "Well, I'm retired, the kids are gone, I have no real responsibilities... WHAT THE HELL DO I DO NOW?".


Which I guess is part of why I found this forum: one of my guys figured out that he wanted to get into smoking. Growing up on a ranch in Lincoln County New Mexico, I learned just enough about smoking, curing meats, and making cheese to know that I don't know very much and that I want to learn more.

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Rio.. that Sounds like Fun! Good luck on your Taco place.

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I am a project manager/rigging and lifting consultant on the worlds largest semi-submersible oil rig platform(BP-Thunderhorse)

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Holy God! That is one impressive machine! Terrific stuff! Cheers! - Leah

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[[/I] hi this is bodie new to this forum... I am a manager for a large automotive company. 20 years next January
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I work part time at Lowe's and a full time dad, and student
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Started out as an infantry soldier with one year four months and 28 days in Vietnam.  1976 became a computer repair tech and did that until 1989 and became a corporate/charter pilot flying mostly Cheyenne's and King Airs.  Lost my flying job when the bosses hunting buddy was looking for work so went back to field service for a company that sells and maintains postage room equipment.  Trying to figure out what to do for the rest of my life because I can't retire.  Bible says that if you don't work you don't eat so.....Just bought a Bridgeport mill and now trying to learn how to use it.  Maybe I can make some money with it.

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I have doe a lot of jobs in my life from clean up crew in construction, grocery clerk, Air Force airframe repair specialist on F16's, shipping and receiving, embroiderers, electronic technician, logistics manager, test technician, production coordinator, packaging mechanic, case manager, and now I am a sales clerk at lowe's. I am in college and should have my Bachelor degree in social work in the summer of 2015.

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Retired from the US Army in 1993. Retired from VA Medical Center here after an additional 21 or so years. I was a biomedical engineering technician while working at the VA hospital here in town. Before that, I was in the US Army Security Agency in Southeast Asia, and I was a radio operator on Army ships before I went back to school and became a metrologist in the Army (senior calibration NCO). I am now retired. Doesn't feel like it yet though.

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Worked for a computer hard drive company and was laid off after 20 years.  Have been working for a medical manufacturing company now for 14 years as a bench technician and materials specialist.

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I am the technical manager for an OSB manufacturer in east texas. After college I bounced around a few places until I found my place in the OSB manufacturing business.  After spending about 6 years as a lab technician I got my current job.  I grew up in Virginia and only moved to Texas 2 years ago, when I got this job.  We're loving it in Texas so far.  Ready for a break from the heat, though...

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Boilermaker welder maintenance fitter at the local timber mill.
We make.. Well timber.. 100% sustainably sourced soft wood
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I work in a pipe mill we make seamless oil well pipe and tubing
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