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I manage the design studio for one of the worlds largest gaming organizations.

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Former Marine, currently an Astronomer.

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Retired Air Force, disabled vet. Hanging at home playing domestic engineer for the wife and smoking the best brats ever
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I am a cyber security analysis/ reverse malware engineer been doing this for about 6 yrs now. Prior to this I spent 9 years in the army as a 13R/25B.
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Data Center I.T. Infrastructure is my work. Basically I install and test all fiber optics, copper, cabinets, power distribution units, etc. I also am in charge of large scale purchasing and contractors. 


I usually just say "Data Center Infrastructure" - but some times people get that confused with what facilities personnel actually do or what the data guys do. I fit right in between the two. Very unique position as what I do is usually done by contractors, not internal personnel. 

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Sales & management but preferred manufactures rep. Electronics to military & aerospace for 30 years, with short time selling to medical and air quality monitoring industries.
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I've been retired for just over a year from the Fire Department. It's a bit hard not going in every third day. Finding new things to do, like smoking, is helpful.
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Was an Administrative Assistant at a Sheriff's Office, then after that a 911 dispatcher. Some other office jobs in between when I moved around between Washington and Montana. At one point I was a plan checker and residential building inspector for 3 years. However, I recently retired from 911.
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Botanist/biologist in South Florida the Caribbean and Central America for the last ten years or so. Get to see some beautiful places, some downright uncomfortable places, and lots of cool plants, including some that do good in the smoker!
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Retired from the fire department.
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I am the Pricing Manager for a Winn Dixie in Panama City, FL. Have been there for 15 years. I am also a Herbalife Independent Distrubitor. I work a 40 hour week Mon-Thurs.

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I am a Human Resources Executive specializing in Employee Relations---yeah, I get to do the fun stuff of investigating all kinds of crazy things for the company. 

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Originally Posted by HoosierSmoke View Post


Thank you for your service brother.

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Plumber gas fitter in calgary alberta algor mechanical Inc
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Sound engineer for many years now. Currently I work for The Little River Band. Along with many others when we are not on the road.
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I am a supervisor in the Mechanical/Electrical Dept of a Utility. I am with the company for 31 years, I was a Tech for 14 yrs before becoming a supervisor.
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Which power house did you work as an operator?   I am now retired, but was a boilermaker from local 83.

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I am a professional Bartender/Bev.Specialist here in Las Vegas NV I work at Caesars Palace at Gordon Ramsays Pub&Grill if you are ever in town gimmie a look up!!

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I design & fabricate functional hoses and tubing for military rotocraft. Fly high and long all you hookers-

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Well, I would like to say that my occupation is riding my Harley as much as I can. That does occupy a lot of my time but does not earn any money for me. To support my habits and hobbies I am a professional Pilot and former Law Enforcement Officer.
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