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I took a medical retirement.I was a mailman (22 years) and was attacked by 2 large dogs while on my route one day. I ended up with 6 ruptured disks and a lifetime of pain as the result. I worked injured for 14 years, but finally had to give up. I worked a total of 31 1/2 years for the federal government, so I get a whopping $986 pension per month. Thank God for Social Security. Without it I would be in the poor house. I try to sell some things on eBay once in a while when I need extra money.

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I managed to wile away 24 yrs in the USN, aviation electronics by trade. Went some places, saw some things, ate some weird stuff all over the planet (Fried grasshoppers anyone?). Currently retired. I'd go back to work if I could find a job where they would let me go hands on with gear, but everyone wants managers and supervisors when you're in your 50's. I'm a born technician. Trons don't argue. They work or they don't. If they don't I find out why and fix 'em.They are beautiful little puzzles to be figured out with knowledge and logic. A couple of six month school tours in Memphis turned me on to southern BBQ (low and slow) and I've been a fan ever since.

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Retired after 22Yrs as an Air Force Air Traffic Controller.  Now I que and drink beer and wine that I make.  :)

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Retired union carpenter, thought I'd give smoking a try.
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Me, retired from the Canadian Army reserve with a 28.5 year RegF pension. Now I am working for a contractor of a major oil company, doing ground support for the flights into the oilfields.

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I'll probably work 'til I drop....Electronics major continued from US Navy Air Early Warning Squadron VAW 123.electronics technician ... We deployed on USS Saratoga - that certainly is a hint of my age!


I now run the electron beam welding facility for a DOE laboratory where I program, set-up, operate and clean the Sciaky EBW machine then sweep the facility floor before I go home for the day. I'm like a lot of us employed people - just a basic whore. They like me 'cause I work and get it done.


I enjoy BBQ and smoking meat! I like curing bacon, pastrami, and sausage. Recipes, recipes! Plenty here!



Bill C

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I'm an electrical engineer, currently working as a test engineer at an icing wind tunnel for NASA. 


My wife and I have been going out and buying a lot of smoked meats lately, ribs/pork and I'd like to be able to do that at home, so I joined the boards.  I've had the itch before and browsed here quite a bit, and finally pulling the trigger this week.

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I'm a drilling rig BOP pressure tester. I work in northern BC CANADA. During the busy cold winters I'm too busy to do anything but work and sleep. Spring break up and early summer months I have time to do hobbies. You guessed it, my new hobby is smoking meats and although I really just started, I already love it.
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I'm 34yrs old. I've been a Journeyman Pipefitter for 14 years. Just started smoking but have always been an avid griller so I'm super excited to be in the smokers club.
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IT Process Consultant.


Just began smoking a couple of weeks ago, and really appreciate the information and knowledge shared on this Forum.





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Retired and enjoying it!  My wife retired last year, so we're both enjoying life now, for sure!


During my work career, I started off after trade school as a television transmitter engineer.  After seven years in that job, I took the plunge and got my first position in cable television in 1970, starting as a field tech but rapidly rising to supervisor, then to chief technician (boss).  I stayed with that until 1997 when I was so burned out I needed something else.  A manufacturer I had bought equipment from wanted me to come to work for them, so I took a position as Sales Engineer and also did Project Management.  That company was bought out in 2000, was raided for certain technology and trashed the rest.  As a result, from a staff of over 320, layoffs over the next 18 months left everyone on the street.  The cycle of layoff that hit me made my last day of work September 7, 2001.  Yep, four days before 9/11.  After that, jobs were scarce.  Folks I thought I could depend on to either hire me or help me with leads were being laid off.  Financially, my wife and I were in pretty good shape so I looked at the possibility of being 'retired' at age 57.  I found a job at a cabinet shop (my hobby is woodworking) to keep me busy.  After a couple of years at that, I decided to use my new-found freedom to build furniture at home to go in our house.  Now, I'm approaching my three score and ten and am still kicking, so I spend my days in my wood shop along with thinking of new things to build and what to smoke next!

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I'm an Automotive Electrician. I've been in the business since 1996, started off with custom car audio and electronics. Now primarily doing custom wiring in custom cars, bikes and boats along with electrical troubleshooting and repair. If anyone on this forum is in the Bay Area California feel free to contact me if you need work done
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I am a Public School Music Teacher.  24 years.

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I have been a Barber and shop owner for the past 55 years.  Had a great life and enjoyed it immensely


Live in a small town in the mountains of Arizona..Great place for outdoor life..Hunting fishing prospecting old ghost towns 4-wheeling and you name it.....Beautiful family with a big zest for life!!!!!!   ..

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Retired banker - now P/T consult in hospitality industry

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School bus driver
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During the daylight hours, I am a Java Developer writing software for the medical field. But my full time passion is to be the best Smoked Meats Provider in my area. It's what I do and what I love. Oh, and the computer thing is fun sometimes too...
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I've been in law enforcement (city) for 25 years, ending up as a detective for the last 8.  I worked traffic for 12 and general patrol for 5.  I work now for a company that designs and manufactures police speed enforcement equipment.  Don't hate me, it's a job and have to say I enjoy it.  Love traveling around throughout the U.S. and even some foreign countries talking to officers about training and equipment.  My hobbies are flying (scared of heights so became a pilot - figure that one out) and golf.  My wife and I like to play golf as much as possible but with the grandkids getting older (9 and under), they play soccer, baseball and basketball so we spend a lot of time watching them play sports.  Now both of us are getting into R/C helicopters.  since we live out on acreage, we don't have to worry too much about hitting (crashing) into something other than the ground.


My oldest son got me into smoking ribs and brisket.  Purchased a cheap CharGriller offset smoker, read up on modifications and made a few of my own.  Keeps pretty good temperature across the whole grill with the removable tuning plates.  That and fixed all the leaks I could.  Best thing was making a new charcoal grate that sits higher to allow the ash to drop into the pit without choking out the charcoal on a long cook. 


That's in and still enjoying smoking the meats.  For the 4th this year we are doing 9 racks of baby backs for the gathering around the lake.  ENJOY



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I work as a firefighter paramedic in Santa Clara county California. I did the same job for 5.5 years in San Diego county. I started with this new department about 1 year ago.
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I work for an Independent Insurance Agency, I am an Agent for Allstate, Progressive, Allied, Nationwide, Auto-Owners,Grange, Safeco and Travelers just to name a few. 


I am also a Youth Pastor ..been at my current church for a little over two years now. I started preaching in 2011!

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