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congratulations on your 20 yrs and retirement, I didn't retire from the USAF but I did server from Sept. 69 to Sept. 73.  I would love to get into wood working again but need another person to help.

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Been using a Masterbuilt electric smoker (MES) 40" for a couple of years now. I also added the AMNPS and use pellets instead of the chips. Works great for me. You can search on here for the AMNPS and Masterbuilt. I was just commenting to a friend yesterday about how impressed I was with my Masterbuilt and the AMNPS. Mine has given pretty consistent results.
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Does the AMNPS replace the wood chip tray?  It looks great.  I can't wait to get another smoker.

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The AMNPS doesn't physically replace the chip tray.
On my MES40 there's two thin rods that run the width, at about the same level
as the chip tray. I place the AMNPS on those rods on the left side, which would be
the opposite side from the chip tray. I also pull out the chip tray an inch or so and pull out the loader for air intake.
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Sounds like a good trick.  I can't wait to get my new smoker.

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Im from Northern California. I retired from construction after over 35 years. Im a a master cabinetmaker and woodworker and worked for about 15 years in high end construction in the San Francisco Bay Area. Built and remodeled for some of Americas wealthiest. I live in Rio De Janeiro Brazil now with my wife and 2 1/2 yo daughter. We own an English language/ Info Tech school here. I miss home tho. Learning to be a great cook and to smoke meat since these people dont know how to cook shit here. Churrasco (Brazilian BBQ) is highly overrated and all they know about seasoning is "MORE SALT MORE SALT MORE SALT. Opening a fish taco place here soon and gonna work on doing some pastrami.

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i spent 10 years as a firefighter emt, as well as worked in a copper mill. that closed so i went back to school and added to my medical skills by becoming a registered nurse. been doing that for 18 years.

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I am a self employed Master Electrician. I am also a Navy Seabee veteran of 8 years. Oorah!
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Work at a bank as a Systems Analyst in I.T. - would much rather be at home smoking meat or playing golf.

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Class A driver for the last 3 years.  I worked in housekeeping at a hospital for 10 years prior.

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I am a Marine Engineer Articifer on Submarines in the Royal Canadian Navy 25 years and counting.
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I am an Industrial Engineer working for a consulting company who in turn supports Siemens Energy.  I have been with Siemens Energy for +25 years before they closed the Canadian Plant down and moved it south.  I have been supporting Siemens ERP SAP system implementation for the past 7 years.

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I am a Family Life Pastor, I minister to kids and families. I have been in Full-Time ministry for over 21 years. 

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Just joined the forum today and this is my first post. Anyway, thanks to all the expert smokers who love to share your knowledge.
I am retired from Illinois Dept of Corrections and also US Army Reserve for 34 yrs. Now I just sit around in my garage in Houston, Texas and build acoustic guitar and water the garden every other day.

Chuck Hutchison
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Hey all! I'm relatively new to the forum. I am a Design Engineer for a small company that designs and manufactures custom aluminum shipping containers for the military.

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Graphic Arts for the architectural industry

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I'm a Route Auditor for a large trash hauling company and owner of a landscaping business.  Looking to go full time in my business next year.  Lots of hard work and long hours, but hopefully I'll get there!!

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Retired fire lieutenant
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I did 26 years in the Fire  Service including 6 years as Fire Chief and 11 more in Emergency Management, in Oregon. Retired now

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