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here we hunt a lot, Kudu , impala, vlakvark, blesbok, , warthog, wildebeest.....

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i am new to this forum.  I work for Watson Electrical as a senior estimator for 23 years I bid and design electrical installation. I have been bbqing for about 23 years in the bbq capital Lexington NC lol. For fun I hunt and have a taxidermy business and for 4 years deer processing. I am in process of building my first bbq smoker, hopefully you will see pics in near future my call sign is big todd

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I sell Tempur-Pedic sleep systems. I travel throughout the country selling at state fairs, home shows, rodeos etc.

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Currently "laid off".... Electrician.

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Retired Paramedic.  Like working in my wood shop, fishing, and skeet  shooting.

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I am a Registered Nurse in Idaho.  

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Hey folks!


Well, I am a software engineer in a telecom industry... Working for a company that most of you would hate, as we enable the telco's to send you guys bills for those calls you make :icon_biggrin:.


I am also a self-employed food photographer, blogger and journalist, but that's more of making the hobby a business :icon_lol:


Relatively new to this forum, but feeling kinda at home here.




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Retired about a year ago from an Electric Utility. Spent over 40 years in power production. Started at a dirt burner, retired from a nuke. Enjoy reading all the "smoke " related topics, recipes and how-to's.

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Although Currently trying to start some small business in the Philippines. I am in my 20s yes, but BBQ is in my blood. My grand dad was cajun and I guess my dads cousins are scattered all over the south. Hope to visit them someday and swap recipes. 

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Journeyman Pipefitter 14 years now.
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Supervisor for a fiber company that brings internet, phone, and Video to your home.
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One screwed up old TOTALLY DEAF Army Artillery Veteran with lots of metal in his body...Both USA and Foreign made!


Retired by chance...not choice.

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 Head PGA golf professional for the City of Omaha

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Industrial Safety Compliance for a major orange juice company.  Have worked there 27 years.  Have 4 more to go!

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I went into Defense (Navy) contracting as a systems engineer after I was unexpectedly discharged on a disability after 15 years of honorable Naval service.  That's largely what I've been doing ever since 1992. Got laid off in May 2011 and was fortunate to have been working part time for the "Big Orange Box" (Home Depot) for the previous 17 1/2 years. Worked for them full time until May 2012, then went to Lowe's.  Recently got back into my professional venue, now working at the Pentagon on a Navy weapons program.  If I could make a decent living cooking, I'd change careers in a heartbeat.  But it takes money and hookups, which I ain't got.  I do my best to make sure the American BBQ tradition stays alive, although I don't claim to be a "pro" by any stretch.  I do have some self-developed recipes and techniques, and everybody that tastes my offerings raves about them.  I just love great food, and if I can put some out there, I get a strong sense of satisfaction.





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Navy enlisted.
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Former owner-operator:super: Trucker-back gave out so now on disability:th_crybaby2:.Can still lift a sho:36:ulder and put on smoker though.Before becoming a trucker many years ago I did restaurant work and a lot of construction. 

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I raise registered 100%Berkshire hogs for a living. If you're a barbecue enthusiast, you'll love this pork. Our website, www.gourmet carnivore.com, tells all about why our pork is different, and better. We are a family farm, only about 120 head, and we plan to stay small to do things the right way.
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