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Computer programmer.
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Respiratory Therapist and registered sleep tech. 20 years experience. Currently, I'm doing Respiratory home care. 


If anyone has any questions on sleep or respiratory, I'd be happy to take a shot at it. Keep in mind, I'm FAR from a doctor. 

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Hmm ... troubleshooter.  That must be pc speak for crap jobs.

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I work freelance as a web developer/web programmer, it allows for a lot of free time for hobbies like smoking among other things.

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I am a electrician
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I have work at the same place for twenty six years we build anything from snow removal and road construction and landscape equipment
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Porn star.......
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Just kidding.....I've been a bailiff for the past 24 years. Before that I was a union electrician, but had a career ending accident.......
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Operations Technician at a Natural Gas plant.
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Professional culinarian! I get PAID to smoke stuff... ;)
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I am in sales. I work at a tree nursery selling trees and other plants to landscaping contractors. It can be a little stressful (What sales job isn't), but I get to be outside a lot. Right now I'm painting my house, so I haven't been online much. Company is coming next week, and I plan on firing up the smoker for my guests. I'll take pictures (if I can remember to do so).
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Law Enforcement.
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I am a Independent Insurance Appraiser

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I'm a Radio DJ.
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GM of a cut flower bouquet manufacturer :)
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Work for an underground infrastructure contractor.
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i build smokers, in South Africa

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Originally Posted by Dan Skillman View Post

I'm a lineman in California. Worked for a major California utility for 11 years and am currently working for the largest California municipality for the past 6 years. Right now I hold the job title of troubleshooter.
Quite a few linemen on here , I notice. I was an underground cable splicer for many years. The bucket guys called us sewer linemen. I never was a pure trouble man , but we did on call nights at my utility. Rolled up on some nasty pole hits.
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Originally Posted by bigwheel View Post

Well think I already said this..but I am an old retired cop. 37 years worth..The hardest whipping I ever got was when my Daddy sent me out with two smooth rocks and I happen to only come back with one squirrel for supper. I shoot guns very good. In fact at a hundred yards shooting from the hip I can knock the eye out of fly. I just need to know which eye you wanting removed. With large calibers sometimes a person can pluck out both eyes at once. That is where .22s can come in handy. 

You are also a pretty funny guy. I enjoy your posts. Seems to me you're also pretty smart at smoking meats .
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