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Dept. Manager for the past 10 years in production/mfg facilities. Welder, press operator, truck driver, production supervisor, and part time farmer both livestock and pork production for the other 17 years of my adult life. Oh, and new to this forum! :)
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I'm an art teacher. I spend my days with dozens of 14-year-olds who are all smarter than me (at least that's their opinion). But fortunately, those days aren't during June, July, and August.

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Im a financial adviser, mainly running pension funds. I'd rather be a professional smoker
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I'm maint tech. I can do just about anything. My strongest field is electrical. This spring I plan on building a smoker out of a fuel oil tank. With the skills I learned over the years I'm sure it will turn out fine. I'm sure l'll be asking a lot guestions.
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I am a retired bricklayer

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Retired NYCTWU.

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Retired from being a small self- employed contractor doing remodel work.Have a small farm,milk 4 cows,have chickens,turkeys and pigs all heritage breeds with rentals to subsidize the farm.Looking forward to finishing our smokehouse.Live south of Columbus,Oh area.


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I am a Nurse Practitioner. I have been working in Hospital Medicine for the past 6 years. Prior to that Worked in the ER and with Cardiology. Registered Nurse since 1988.
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I'm an A/V installer. Side jobs include welding and Trapper.
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I'm an I/T guy by trade. Worked 24 years for Universal Entertainment's North American manufacturing division, making music CD's and DVD's, as the manager of Application Development. But then we were bought by Sony, and they closed our facility because they already had their own manufacturing. So I took a part-time side business that my wife and I had, and we turned it into a full time operation. I am now co-owner (with my wife) of the The Palmetto Company of the Carolinas. We are an environmental compliance company. In a nutshell, we monitor underground fuel storage tanks for leaks, and do required testing to make sure they stay in state and federal compliance. In other words, we keep them out of trouble...lol....

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Originally Posted by sisco View Post

I'm curious to learn what y'all do to support this and your other hobbies.

(I did do a search for this topic, couldn't find any evidence that this subject has come up before; if it has point me in the right direction!)

Myself, I've worked for the same company for 27 years - a fossil fueled (coal) power generation station. Worked rotating shifts for most of those years as a control room operator. Last July I took the salaried position of Database Coordinator; straight days, weekends & holidays off.
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Retired/disabled underground mine supervisor,mostly coal,mostly in maintenance. Some gold and copper. Worked in several supervisory positions in several different states in U.G. mining industry. Certified mine foreman,certified hi-med-low voltage electrician in several stetes. Really miss the coal industry and working underground mostly. Miss the adrenalin rush of mountains trying to stop you from taking, Challenge of keeping equipment running, coal flowing, men safe and mostly the comradery of workers underground.
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Welcome to the forum.
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I worked for the steel mills for 37 years laying mostly firebrick but have laid all types of masonry materials lined furnaces, ladles  basically if their was heat we used some type of refractory to contain it . I am living the dream now enjoying retirement and what life has to offer

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Mechanical Engineer at a steel mill for the past 5 years.

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Not sure if I responded to this or not. I am on this site so much I lose track. I am a reading teacher for 1st and 2nd grade students in a nearby public school. I work with students who are having difficulty with early reading and writing skills. It's the best job I could ever imagine. It's rewarding, never repetitive, and the time off gives me a lot of time to spend with my daughter (as well as play with my smoker). My wife is incredibly bitter about all the time off haha. Disclaimer: Don't hold me to proper grammar and usage on this site just because of my profession. I'm not on the clock haha.
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US Navy 20 years retired in oct 1981. trade was communications both on land and at sea. ive since retiring from the US Navy  ive done

mangeral work at appartments here in Colorado , spent two years in college, went back to San Diego, ca  where i work 'ed in

communications from 1984 to 1990. returned to Colorado worked at wally mart for two years, school custodian for 10 + years,

worked at Colorado State Hospital in Pueblo , Co for last ten years 1999 to 2009 and permantly retired in Pueblo, Co. been here


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I'm an IT Project Manager.

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Retired.  Nothing to do but sit around and Smoke. 



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