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Firefighter 11 years
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Retired firefighter, now I own a fire extinguisher and safety equipment business
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I was a commerical beekeeper for 35 years ,ran 3500 hives of honeybees in Texas up to South Dakota, and in California.now living the good life in the piney woods of East Texas with my catfish pond and my Bar B Que pit

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Critical care paramedic on Tennessee... Been working EMS for 10 years now
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I'm retired.

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I'm not certain if I made a comment to this thread, but I'm still retired, going on 4 years now. Two months after that I'll turn 60... ; ' )
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Retired electrical contractor after 35 yrs pulling wire.
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I peddle cell phones and other wireless services for local government and education accounts. Sounds like fun, huh? It's not a bad gig, actually.
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Retired after almost 23 years Military service, Still work for the Military as a civilian for the last 14 years

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I'm a "Snake Oil Salesmen". Actually I sell chemicals to schools, hospitals universities the State of Michigan and the Federal Government. This is a career change for me, as I was in the building industry for 30+ years. It's been interesting and fun!

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We - R - Smokin is retired from the U.S. Secret Service (27 years).  I have been smoking for over 30 years but still a novice.  Thanks to you folks I may learn how to perfect the art.

All the best,


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Ex musician, currently aurcraft mechanic for Delta Airlines in ATL.

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ex heavy goods mechanic  now a studying construction then civil engineering after the summer

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I'm the lead in the casings dept. at Farmland Foods, Milan Mo. Been here 12 yrs, the first 9 yrs I worked in the knife room before going to the Kill floor.

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Ground equipment mechanic for Air Force, 13yrs. Ive made enough rank i manage my own section of personel and equipment now. Woohoo! 7 to go till i retire from it.
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I'm a soon to be retired Conservation Officer. Spent 40 years in a great job, now looking forward to fishing, kayaking, camping and cooking!
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diesel mechanic

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Don't remember if I've ever posted here before.


I work in a steel mill. Shift foreman on one of the mills. We actually make the steel for Weber BBQ's. Been there 30 yrs. Started 30 yrs ago as a crane operator. 


Damn I miss that job. I loved driving crane. It was lots of fun.

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Dept. Manager for the past 10 years in production/mfg facilitis. Welder, press operator, truck driver, production supervisor, and part time farmer both livestock and pork production for the other 17 years of my adult life. Oh, and new to this forum! :)
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