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I currently work as an Electrical Engineer/Maintenance Superintendant for an energy company. I also teach National Electrical Code classes and Electrical safety for industrial electricians. Teaching is what I really like to do.
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I am in sales...my customer is Home Depot.

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I own a wholesale bread bakery.

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I am a nurse in ICU. Have been nursing for 22 years now, would love to start a BBQ joint, but wife says NO. So we just do contests and a few private parties.
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I'M retired from a nj police department.

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Domestic   Engineer          :banana_smiley:

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I've been in the retail automotive business for 33 years. Currently a Sales Manager at Maita Nissan in Sacramento, Ca.
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I sell playground equipment. We design, install, and provide playground areas. I was a teacher/coach, but recently swapped over to sales. Loving it!
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Active duty Navy. Just over 21 years. Planning at least another three years then retire. Then I'll have to grow up and find a new job.
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welcome1.gif I was in the beer business for 40 years. Started at the bottom and ended as salesmanager in the middle of the Midwest Nebraska.. Great fun business. Meet a lot of great people and enjoyed the relationships. Now have six days of Saturday and then comes Sunday.
Works for me.
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Lawyer, Family Court mostly.  I do a lot of work representing kids in Family Court and Supreme Court.

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Materials Manager with a large food manufacturing company.

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Deputy Sheriff in rural Idaho. Only been on for 9 months, but was hired right out of college.
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Retired Trauma Nurse Here....

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Navy physician
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Licensed funeral director/embalmer for 25 years. Also, a retired firefighter with 20 plus years for our local town.
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Most recently Natural Gas Liquids Pipeline Controller... I have worked various positions within the Petroleum Industry for the last 27 years.

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I retired from law enforcement and now I locate underground utilities, natural gas and CATV.



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Hey everyone.  I'm a fire fighter in the City of Williamsburg, VA.

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Originally Posted by sisco View Post

I'm curious to learn what y'all do to support this and your other hobbies.
(I did do a search for this topic, couldn't find any evidence that this subject has come up before; if it has point me in the right direction!)

Myself, I've worked for the same company for 27 years - a fossil fueled (coal) power generation station. Worked rotating shifts for most of those years as a control room operator. Last July I took the salaried position of Database Coordinator; straight days, we

I am a subcontractor. I own 10 wheel dumptrucks. We execute various tasks for San Diego Gas & Electric. Mostly underground conversions.  Been doin this for about 13 years. 

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