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I'm a civilian diesel tech for the PA national guard, work on everything from generators to tanks.  Same position in the guard side as well.

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Serving as a chaplain in the Army at the Joint Readiness Training Center

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Retired and lovin' it :yahoo:!

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I'm a machinist at the local air force base.

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Originally Posted by oklahoma smoker View Post

I'm a machinist at the local air force base.

Alright another Tinker AFB employee. sausage.gif
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Heck yeah. Been there almost 3 years and love it.

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6 years active air force, special purpose vehicle mechanic, SSgt.  


Until yesterday I managed a fleet of truck/tractors that haul components around the MinuteMan III missile field in Montana.  I move to Elmendorf AFB, AK over the next week and begin a new chapter.

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Territory manager for a car repair company. I used to wok every Saturday but now have weekends off so I can start smokin'!
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Im still living through my parents! :)
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I'm a certified computer tech but my primary job is a aviation fuel system mechanic.
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hi all...I've been a police officer for 12 years as well as owning my own financial services firm
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I've been a medical laboratory scientist for just over 6 years.


During my long college career, I was a cook for almost 10 years.  Basically I can cook everything and anything.  I would have to say, smoking is a totally different animal all together.  Sure I can cook a mean steak, but BBQ'ing tasty tender brisket is a different sport.


If I were to leave the lab, I would probably open my own restaurant...it would be one of those awesome everything from scratch kinda places like you see on Triple D (Diners, Drive-in's and Drives)

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I am a Lt Colonel in the Air Force....Career Aircraft Maintenance and Munitions Officer and Mechanical Engineer.


Been cooking Brisket for the last 15 years....in the Oven, Grill and Smoker...


BBQ is like golf...you never master it and you are always tinkering with either your swing or your BBQ rub....

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I sell parts for construction machines .......now for the truth !! i sit in front of a computer looking at the smoking forum !!


I've been selling parts for cars and equiment since i got out of the Army .


Been with this company for almost nine years , i like it here and the Owner is GREAT !!


If you like what you are doing it's not really a job but a "hobby" that you are getting paid to do !!

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Civil Engineer with 20 years of heavy construction experience. 

I oversee all aspects of construction projects in the $3 million to $15 million dollar range.  Lots of earth moving projects and water treatment plant construction projects. Lots of complicated problem solving on the fly.  I learn about the automation aspects of water treatment plant projects and apply the automation to control my charcoal smoker...my wife says I should build bbq's for NASA.  She might be overstating that but it's all fun.

It's not WORK when you like doing it.

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Im a Sales Account Manager at a software consulting firm. We sell and implement Oracle software and techology for companies in California.
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I am a registered massage / physical therapist. Been at it about 5yrs, was a concrete finisher before this. Considering a career change within the next 5yrs. There aint much authentic bbq round here. I plan on changing that.
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I am a police officer for the last 5 years
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Systems Administrator for local School District.

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I'm a lineman @ a rural electric coop power co

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