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I have been a medical social worker for lots and lots of years. It almost hurt wnen I went to type the actual number (yikes)
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I am a custom cabinet and furniture maker...so, guess what?...plenty of smoke user friendly wood.....:)

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I am a dealer at a Casino!  Been one for 3 years, best job i have ever had!

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I am a painter on a powder coat paint line

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As to my occupation, being 71 I really don't want to do anything, but the wife and I like BBQ's and when we were in CA we were shown the Traeger, we decided on the Green Mountain Grill and has now done Country Ribs and Cornish Hens.  Tomorrow we are going to do Smoked Ribs for the family.  I have been very pleasantly surprised by the moistness.  I have BBQ'd before but have never smoked, I can't believe the difference.  I will also be doing corn on the cob and baked potatoes in the smoker.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Everyone have a safe and happy holiday.

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Retired Air Force (73-93), US Postal Service, Mail Processing Equipment Mechanic (95-__)
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I work as a Paramedic for a private ambulance service that does both 911 and private transfers. I'm also a part time student that will hopefully get a degree in the next decade. lol.

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I.T. Consultant
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Retired from semiconductor manufacturing and quality - now a full time home cook!

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I  am self employed construction contractor from ST.Clements, Ontario Canada.

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I'm retired after 34 years in parks and recreation.
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Well I was a Firefighter for the State of Nevada for 5 years, but now I'm an Equiptment operator for a gold mine in Nevada, I drive a 330 ton haul truck!!
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"I am a Chef du Cuisine with the equivalent of 30 years experience. Continual learning is the key to success for anyone, especially a Chef. So, I am new here and soaking up all the knowledge, tips, tricks and traps I can and will post my own experiences, too.


I am also an Event Manager/Organizer/Planner and Foodservice Consultant with Catering and Concession operations on the go. It might seem like a lot, but it simply keeps me consistently busy, minimizing slow periods during the course of the year.


Thank you for having me here. I look forward to learning from you all."


Bill Hughes,

Wm Hughes Events and Promotions, Hospitality Services



BTW: my screen name comes from the fact that I play, build and repair guitars and am a Chef. People say I can cook up a guitar or that I cook on guitar - I am a Guitar Chef! lol

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Retired Court Reporter.  Now a BBQ hobbyist about nine months out of the year.  During the coldest winter months in Minnesota, a Day Dreamer. 

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I am a diesel tech at freightliner of Toledo . I love cooking & smoking outside !!!!
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I'm an oil formulator at a margarine and shortening factory. I mix oils and additives for production on the different bulk lines.
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I've been a career firefighter for 25 years, currently the captain of a ladder truck.

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