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resurrecting the old

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Well as much as I carry on about the chat, I can't believe that I never seen this thread. Doing some searches I ran across it today.


One thing I noticed about the chat rooms is....

Nobody wants to be the first to enter the room. Sometimes I join the room and continue reading and replying to post. Then somebody will enter the and I forgot I was still in there.

Sometimes nobody joins and that's fine I just try to take the first step.
I just want to encourage people to talk to one another. I have never used a chatroom till here. I don't have allot people to sit around and talk about Q, I'm surounded by geeks. There idea of Q is Rib CribPDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
We talk Tech. of course.

I'll stop ranting it's lunch time!
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Dang, I thought this was going to be a thread about mummys.icon_mrgreen.gif

Someday I will learn how to chat, right now I'm not signed up to, but I bet it's fun.smile.gif
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You mis-understood what he was saying sweetheart. When he mentioned reserecting the old with chat, he was talkin about me. icon_sad.gifbiggrin.gif
But don't go to the chat room with Jeremy, he pretends to be nice and accept your two finger approach with typeing, then when you fall into his trap with the chat room, him and d88de type each other at roughly 2000 words per minute, your head spins, your eyes cross, often you throw up, then you pass out and fall over backwards, when you PM those guys the next day, they blame the whole thing on an excessive consumshion(sp) of Captain Morgan. icon_rolleyes.gif Some people just can't accept responsibility for their actions and need to place the blame on others. confused.gificon_smile.gifwink.gif YES, this is just meant in fun, the chat room is fun, it is just hard to follow when you can't type, which I can't. icon_frown.gif
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LOL.....That sounds down right dangerous! PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
I can type fast.........but it might not make any sense. icon_wink.gif
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OMG!!!!! I laughed so hard my stomach hurts, People were comming into my office to see what was SOOOOOOO FUNNY! Good one terry!
(Darn,I'm SMFing at work SHHHHH!)

Terry I sent you a typing lesson you should be using at least 3 fingers by now. No Sounds to me like you had all the capitan morgan.PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif

Cowgirl once you log in to SMF you are signed up for chat.
To learn more about chat click here
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Patty, you should join in, it really IS fun.

What a pleasure all of you are. icon_biggrin.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Thank you. smile.gif
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LOLOL>.....terry.........we will try to slow down.......sides when i type THAT fast, i end up typing fat fingered........heheheh.........all i ask of ya'll, is just to READ fat finger.......LOLOLOL........

it is fun in there.........

i told terry to change his font size so he doesn't get the monitor all oily from his nose pressing up against the monitor glass, JUST BE ABLE TO READ.......LOLOL
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i told terry to change his font size so he doesn't get the monitor all oily from his nose pressing up against the monitor glass, JUST BE ABLE TO READ.......LOLOL[/quote]
Thanks dude,icon_smile.gif I went to the eye Doc yesterday, he says I need 225 strength readin specs. eek.gif
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