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new Jerky member from California.

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Hi everybody,
My name is Johnny Castellanos and I have to say that eating Beef Jerky is my favorite pastime. I am 19 years old and am looking forward to buying my first dehydrator and churning out delicious batches of homemade jerky. After that, I hope i can go on to smoke other meats and cook (and eat!) some delicious food.

Thanks a bunch,
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Welcome Johnny, you'll find lots of info here on making jerky and all kinds of other stuff. so what types of meat have you made jerky from?
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Welcome to the SMF Johnny!!! Great folks here with tons of knowledge.Be sure to check out Jeff's Free 5-Day eCourse to get you started on the smoking meat journey.

Glad you found us and Enjoy!!!smile.gif
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Jonny welcome to smf. Lots of great smokin info here.This is the best smokin site around lots of friendly helpful people. Enjoy
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Welcome to the site, lots of info here. Sit back and enjoy.
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Welcome to SMF! This is a great place to hang out if you're just getting started with smoking meat. The folks here are friendly and always willing to lend a hand. Make yourself at home and look around. We're glad to have you with us.
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Welcome to SMF Johnny! Lots of jerky makers here. Seems most of us smoke it, but it does not have to be smoked. Be sure to read some of the posts on meat curing, in case you want to develop your own cures, and to follow directions on store bought cures. The nitrates cure contains can be harmful in incorrect amounts.

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Welcome....this is THE place!!
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Welcome to the forum Johnny!
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Nice to have you join us. I know you will enjoy yourself here. Lots of information to browse through and new things to learn.

Have fun.

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Welcome to the SMF, This is the right place to get you started.
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Hello Johnny, and welcome to the SMF. Read around this site and find a lot of helpful information that will get you up to speed real soon. You can also use your dehydrator for drying out chiles, pumpkin sees, and more. Good luck on the road to Smokesville, USA.
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