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Charcoal in the chip pan?

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I'm going to put a little charcoal in my chip pan{gas smoker} this weekend, has anyone done this? And if so how did it work out?
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i take it you are trying to get some charchol flavor in your smoke........nice idea........hmmmmmm

GOOD question........hope someone comes along with help
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char pan

I use an electric but have done this a few times just when I want smoke quicker at a lower temp and it works great. I thought of trying it for a more like cold smoke for cheese and such.
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I believe Debi has tried it with good results.
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I use my wood pan for charcoal for cold smoking bacon, lox and cheese but mine is cast iron I'm not sure what yours is.

I also noted a better smoke ring and flavor when adding a few during a smoke, but I really like charcoal flavor - could be me. Hope this helps.
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I have used charcoal in the chip pan of my propane vertical in the summer to smoke cheese. Propane is tooo much heat for my smoker in the summer for cheese. Just a few briquettes was al that was needed in the summer, seem to work well.
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so i take it then........all of these, means you are NOT using the flame from the propane........JUST the pan to put lite charchol in......?
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Walking Dude
Thats right, I do not have gas in the summer !!!
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so then i take it you don't eat beans in the summer?

LOLOL......sorry, couldn't help myself
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I have a cast iron also, although I use a coffee can I was going to try this with the cast iron. I thought some had tried it already, ya'll have tried just about everything we can think of with a smoker.icon_idea.gif Like you said Debi try and get a little of that charcoal flavor.
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Exactly! I do use the same procedure in the winter but when it's 5 degrees outside a bit of propane make be needed!
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I have only used mine 2 times and both I added just a few pieces and all was good.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Yeah thats what I'm talkin about Smokey, use the gas and charcoal to smoke meat. I want that added flavor.
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This might be a dumb question but when you guys are talking about Charcoal do you mean bbq biscuits like kingsfords or real Charcoal ?
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I'm sure both. To each there own.
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Can use either?????
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I only use hardwood lump. It burns alot longer and tastes better (to me) than briquettes.

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Same here.
I find briquettes stink for some reason.
Cheers from another Brian!
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Right on, 3B!
Comes in handy for frying up a mess of canadian walleye for a shore lunch too, Eh?
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