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With the computer/electronic expertise we have around here, maybe there could be a couple of simultaneous gatherings with a LIVE FEED between the two. Just a thought.
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Actually you may be on to something, Maybee there could a live feed to members at home that weren't able to make it. Or a video.
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CONGRATS glued on the elevation to Master of the PIT
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I like that this is already in the planning stages... and all the great input that's being offered! Of course, I know my DE seashore idea is far from being a viable candidate frown.gif , but what ever Mike comes up with, I will do my best to get there!

Homebrew, the simultaneous gatherings is a very good idea... that would certainly get more folks together from a bigger portion of the globe... albiet, it would be more fun if we were all in the same place. That idea is a great alternative... especially with gas prices being what they are now.
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Having 'been there - done that' Mike has his hands full. Getting ready for this is a lot more than just coming up with the location.

Last year we planned and tried to accomodate as many as possible with the location being centered as close as possible to those that said they were coming.

During the planning we came up with a slogan, made meal plans, tried to accomodate those that needed a room instead of camping along with a gazzillion PM's trying to get people to commit to cooking or to just bring something. Along with that - just trying to get people to answer the second or third round of PM's was a major hold up.

We planned right up to the final week on the last SMF Gathering... and still had major players back out and had to scramble to get the meals replanned.

Hopefully we will have more people commit to attending and not back out - no matter what location is chosen. Mike is an experience traveller and I for one completely trust his decision for the location and planning.

Hope to see as many of you there as possible. It will be a great time.
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On a side note. If there are those of you out there that don't feel you can make the Official Event due to distance or other reason then we have never opposed anyone planning their own local event. Just make it an open invitation to all in your area and take lots of pics.

Best Wishes to Mike and his planning team - Give me a yell if you need anything.
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pigs.......just a thought i thought i would throw out there.......

maybe, with so many of us using chat........it would be easier to chat in "REAL TIME".........instead of pms.......as long as we do it far enuff out........so ya'll have a framewerk.......i realize tho, best laid plans and all that.......but i find from another chat room i hang out in......lot easier to get quicker answers......and i do realize, that not all are on at the same time.......maybe set up a sep room for the event........so folks and come and go, answer questions......ask questions....etc.

just a thought
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Dude - that is possible, but much easier to keep track of statements in PM's to sort out as time goes by. You wouldn't believe the number of things that had to be gone through over and over.

Any planning in chat is good. It builds the atmospher for the event, and is good for coming up with ideas. Basically a brain storming tool.

How Mike decides to attack this will be up to him. He will do an excellent job.
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just a thougt.......or maybe after you hash things out in chat, then you can get a pm RIGHT away, on what was planned.....good idea on the pm's to keep track
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I am sorry people I will not be able to make it. Our new family member is due in April and the boss has already told me know trips. Other wise you can bet I would be there.
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hows this

"SMF Gathering - the Midwest Chapter"
(or anybody else who want to join) - in conjunction with the official gathering of course
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Not another dang trip to Mi.Birch Run in Feb.Couple fishing trips in summer dang it??Maybe you Mi.folks could coordinate with my fishing pals over there and have a group party at one of the harbors there and fish and eat in the same trip....
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Well I'm 4 1/2 hr from K.C.Mo.
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Congratulations on your new headache, er, uhh, position, Mike!

All kidding aside I think the right person has been chosen for the job.

Since I am sure Vermont is not on the list of hot spots for this year I will most likely not make it. Cannot be too far from the farm and I am expecting new arrivals from spring throughout the summer.

I would entertain hosting a gathering in summer of '09 on my land. Keep that in mind as this all unfolds!

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I like the sound of that!
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It would be about a twelve hour drive for you. But to everyone I have ten very private acres and tents, RV's and what have you would not be a problem and less than ten miles away there are some fine lodgings. Not to mention some super sight seeing.

And about a hundred yards down the road I can guarantee moose sightings all summer and some super photo ops of the critters!

Cheers, Everyone!
The door's open in '09!
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if we had another SMF gatherint close to Tonto & Bud, we could get Sqeezy here too, only around 6 hour drive for him and he would pass right through where i live as well..lol

looks like i have to do some research here and see if anybody wants to join in this gathering
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I spent quite a bit of time in my youth visiting the upper New England states. My grandmother had a little cottage on a lake in East Hampton, Ct. where I spent my summers. She had some close friends that we visited frequently in both Me. and Vt. to go camping.

Its been many years, but I loved the beautiful countryside. If you're serious about hosting a gathering next year, I will definitely try to work out the travel. Its been a long time since I've tackled a 10-12 hour road trip, but I believe this one would be well worth the effort. Both my camera and my appetite will surely enjoy the workout!

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The events I have planned for the property this coming summer will determine my ability to host in '09. Right now it looks like a go. But there is a lot of work to do.

My property is located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and I am about a fifteen minute ride from several Canadian border crossings.

I am four hours North of Boston, 3 hours from Montreal, and about 12 hours or so from Toronto.

Depending on route taken and such most residents of the upper Eastern States can be here in 12 hours or less.

So, here's hoping all goes well this summer! I threw out the idea to see if anyone would be interested in Vermont as a location down the road. So far I believe that I am the sole SMF member in Vermont. And I will make my utmost effort to get the things done that need doing. By October of '08 I will know for sure.

A couple of highlights will be fresh eggs for breakfast, definitely a good supply of smoked hams, and a petting zoo.

So the more positive responses I get the greater will be my motivation. And once I get the expansion done on the cabin I can play host to folks who would like to visit! The porch light will be on and the door open.

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Well Monty you know I'll be there! Are those dang black flies gone by then?

As I am already commited to a trip in June I will not be going to the Midwest Gathering , but Iam up for one in late July maybe August.

How about one in PA? Shell what's in PA besides the Hershy Park? wink.gif
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