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A Hello to all

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Hello to all. It's been quite a while since I have posted and I will spare you all the Whoa is me saga...suffice to say the first half of the year we had a great time with our first year of BBQ competition and learning and having fun. Then as the saying goes " was busy making plans when life happens" Starting to get my health back...stumbling, but stumbling foward.

Just a big howdy to all and have alot of reading to do(not sure I could ever catch up though)

Sooooo.....A great big helo to my old friends and the new ones I have not had the pleasure of talking to
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Glad to see your on the mend....yep, there's alot of reading.
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It will be nice have you and Bud back Theresa. Hope all is good and getting better. We've been short 2 turds for too long, so jump on in and stink up the place. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Hello, Theresa
I'm pretty new here, but hopefully I can make it as a new friend somewhere down the line. Glad to hear your health is improving.
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Hia Lady! Glad to hear things are progressing. And I STILL get a huge kick outta yer pig!

Merry Christmas!
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Welcome back, i've only been here a couple months, look forward to hearing from you, Glad to hear your getting better.
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Good to see you here again. Looking forward to Christmas. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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good ta see ya up & around lady. looking forward to seeing y'all "on tour" somewhere this coming year.
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Hi from Oklahoma!
Looking forward to getting to know you!smile.gif
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Glad to have ya back ,hope all your days get better.
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Welcome back Theresa! Glad things are going forward.
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Theresa it's great to see ya posting again! I am glad to see you are feeling well enough to post again. icon_biggrin.gif Take care!!
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