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Goat, that pile of jerky is more than worth your time and effort. Tasty!
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No, cowgirl, this sausage is cold smoked only. I smoked it until about 11 last night and will package it this morning.
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It's looks great goat!! Thanks for the post!icon_smile.gif
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Man now I have to run to the store to get some jerky, It'll be break time here soon.
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Watch out for cars Glued.
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That's some righteous looking jerky, Goat. Interesting machine, have never used one, or even seen anything like it. I imagine it has other uses too. Huh. Very cool!
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Yes it is pretty handy. I tenderize all my venison cutlets and eat them all year. I make it a point to put up 52 pkgs each year. 52 links of sausage, 52 pkgs of tamales, (that will be another thread when that time comes), 52 pkgs of breakfast sausage, along with 52 packages of ground venison w/bacon ends. Looks like the venison bacon will also get the royal treatment. That along with a few dove, wild turkey, fish, chuck roasts and ribeye steaks about rounds out the yearly menu. Oh, I forgot to mention a few yard birds, very few!!! If I had time I would make my own beer, but I don't think I had better tackle that one. I know a good store just down the road.
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52? you got the PLAN! Maybe go with 53 tho. for that odd buddy visit, ot whatnot. :{)

Dove. Yum... illegal here in Michigan. So cancel that yum... i'm only supposing ;{)
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Great looking jerky, Goat! I always find that ya can never have enuff of that stuff! It takes so long to make it and it just doesnt last!
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No, not 53. With vacations, holidays, trips, etc., 52 is enough for friends and I.
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Looks wonderful Daryle! Bet it tastes great too! icon_mrgreen.gif
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