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I feel like I've earned a medal, or at least gained a little respect from my fellow smokers, to whom I bow humbly for exsperiance, for I see my rank has risen to " FIRE STARTER" i am nolonger a newbie for now I know enough to be dangerous HA!!! I new this day would comeicon_lol.gif

I'd like to thank the acadamy and all those who have licked thier fingers after eating at my table, and for those who have not yet reach this nobel rank I can only say, someday to too will know just enough to be dangerous

thank you thank you thank you icon_twisted.gif
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Keep up the good work. LOL
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There's nothing like the feeling of accomplishment!!
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Keep on smokin DonO!
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Seeing as how they are mine to give...POINTS for a proper respect of the points!
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what rich said
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I bow before greatness

dare I dream of one day being a member of OTBS redface.gif
my life would be full icon_lol.gif
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keep striving glasshopper................keep
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yes master

wax on wax off,

PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif should I polish you smoker tools now or latter sir?
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LOL! "When you can snatch the pebble from my hand Grasshopper..."

Kung -Fu was SUCH a cool show!
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Sounds like you're at the top of the "Satisfied Customer" list. Glad to know that you're enjoying your smokes, how about some Q Views in the future?
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Kung Fu?

I don't care what rank ya give me I aint' picking up my smoker with my forarmsicon_evil.gif
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I've posted plenty

look at my past posts I've put plenty of qviews in my posts
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congrats on reaching the staus of "Fire Starter" and "Knows Enuf to be Dangerous!" It's all about being helpful and supportive to your fellow members!

Someday (after they finish revising the OTBS nomination requirements - that's a hint boys!), you will meet the requirements and be nominated by one us us here. Until then, learn, smoke, post pictures of your smokes,be friendly and helpful and w'll be watching ... icon_lol.gif
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Congrats !!

Not to worry, DonO. Just keep Q'ing, posting and helping others. If you do that, it will just be a matter of time. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

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