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A friend of mine just brought me some elk filet's, and a couple of roasts..Is there any special way these should be cooked? or does anyone have any recipes? I did a search for Elk and there doesn't seem to be any posts on Elk
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I would treat it similar to deer meat.. it's not a fatty meat. The steaks are great in marinade and I'd use bacon on the roasts to add moisture.

Then smoke or grill your favorite way.smile.gif
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I am going to try an Elk top round roast (ham), and smoke it similar to a pulled brisket. Mustard then rub, smoke, foil wrap, cook until 160-180, blanket wrap and rest, then pull it. If it's firm enough, I might try slicing it too.
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Elk is AWESOME! Don't overcook it... medium at most. the whole durn animal is akin to filet meat... BEST damm jerky I ever had too!
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Patty and Rich have nailed it. icon_biggrin.gif Elk, at least the meat I have ate, is not gamey like some deer, you will love it. smile.gif
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Ive had elk once and it was awesome. I did notice that it had differnt taste than deer, which makes since, cuz it seems to me more closely related to a cow.. Those things are freakin huge!
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I was cleaning out the freezer a couple of months ago and found 4 small elk roasts. Wanting to make room for this year's harvest, I put all 4 on the smoker. Sprinkled with Lawry's seasoned salt and layerd over with bacon, I smoked them for 6 hours. Then 20 minutes in the pressure cooker. Excellent pulled roast!

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