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Windows Vista Not Atempt Any Up Grades..upgrades Channel Explore To A Diffrent Location..*(internet Explorer) ..ya Cant Download ..cut Off Upgrades..if It Isnt To Late..if Ya Get The Navcancl..its Like A Virus..cuts Into Everything. ..ya Have Been Warned.mike Ps Solution To Follow
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What upgrades are you reffereing too? If you get a third party firewall it will block any attemps of changing your home page. I use NIS 08 with VISTA

Were you refering to Windows updates?
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Try this mike.

find C:\program files\ iexplore.exe
right click and "Run as administrator"

After ie7 has opened :
Tools\options\Advanced - Disable Pfishing

Youc an also try to uninstall KB 931768
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What does that fix?IE from crashing? My mother in law has vista and has had many problems. I am mac guy so I cannot offer her any help. She is also not the super admin any help would be great
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After installing Windows update KB 931768, You can experiance difficulties with IE7. I belive that was what Mike was reffering too. I didn't have any problems with it.

If you will pm me with what ever problems she is having I'll see what I can do.

I feel the same way when somebody ask's me MAC questionsPDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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Do You See Whast I Have Seen?????/ First Question..have You Tried All The Microsoft Answers..if You Have Your Like Me..stumped ..i Have Sent An Email To My Most Trusted Advisors..explainded In Detail..make Sure This Warning Gets Out ..they All Put Me On Iggy .. Had A Bad Day My Dauthers Brushed Me Off For Xmas..agian!!!!! I Bashed The Work And Smokers.sent An Apoligy..but Think Everyone Thinks Im The Bad Guy Lol.. Maybe I Am..but I Try So Hard To Make Sure Nobody Is Forgotten..especily My Girls.please Make Asure This Is Posted ..thanks Mike
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Thanks! I get the specifics from her and take you up on that offer!
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I haven't really look into it much. I didn't have any problems with the update. Neither did any of colleges.

Untill I come across a problematic machine, I can't really test the fixes.
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Microsoft Answer

Put Catch File Back Where It Belonges ..hello ..going To Put In Restore ...if I Dont Hear From Bds By Tomarrow
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