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You guys are just alright. I am quite humbled by your posts. And although my rig may be cool looking, I have many, many questions to keep you all busy. Now that I have the capability to either cold or hot smoke, the sky's the limit, so get ready for a barrage of inquiries...

Stand by.
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show off....
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Incredible work! Thanks for sharing!!!
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WOW man a smoker with knobs....pretty scary for this looks great man tinker away push the envolope go man go...
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metal shelves

New to forum. Did you need to do any treating your steel shelves to keep them from rusting. Thanks
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Very cool. Thanks for posting!

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Very very nice, I'm impressed.
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Very Impressive!

Next challenge how to design a auto chip feeder, then you can set n forget.
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BRAVO! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifLooks great. Looks like a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into that thing.
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That is pretty much straight up bad ass right there. Nicely done!points.gif
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WOWthat thing is so cool and quite the genious you are there. You probally think it nothing but a thing to build something like your new smoker. Great job and I guess I should ask how does it smoke.
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