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OK, I'm new to the smoking thing, but so far I've made some really good chicken and pork in the smoker. I've figured out that it can take a bit of work to keep the fire at the right temperature all day. That's not a bad thing, but I figure if I'm going to go through that work, I'd like to make sure I cook plenty of meat. What I'd like to do is to make enough pulled pork that I can keep it and have it later, one day after work. Does anyone have any experience freezing smoked meat?
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No problem freezing the meat. If you plan to eat it fairly soon, Ziplock Freezer bags work well (push out as much air as you can when zipping up). If you plan to freeze the meat for a time, I suggest you get a vacuum sealer. They do a great job on everything. I personally have a FoodSaver, and really like it.
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I usualy freeze alot in foodsaver bags. They last forever in them. It's such a treat when you go rumaging around in the freezer and you find some BBQ you forgot you had. YUMMY!!!
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Frozen foods remain safe indefinitely.

I suggest this topic should be explained as written by the USDA
Please see this link:
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I enjoyed reading the USDA info. Having been in the food business I knew that re freezing merchandise that was still cold AT LEAST was always ok.
The fear of re freezing came from the era of the original TV DINNERS when unlike todays gourmet varieties, only very poor quality ingredients were used.
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I also use the FoodSaver, when you take it out of the freezer you can put the bag in boiling water to heat it up. Works very well, the meat will stay soft and moist.
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I use a food saver also and have frooze pulled pork once and it was just as good the 2nd time around.
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I totally agree with Crewdawg,Rip,andTwistertail.
Ziploc for short periods and FoodSaver for longer periods.
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Like many have said.......
Food savers are great and make an excellent Holiday gift.....wink wink..nod...nod.

If your gonna go to all the time and effort, why not treat yourself!!!icon_wink.gif

I think I saw them on sale a couple weeks ago on the food saver site along with the bags.
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Not to be too redundant but I have used Foodsavers for many many years and am not sure what I would do without it.
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