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One of the greatest acts I have seen.

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SMF Bretheren,
This one is not really a joke but I guess it fits here better than any other category I can think of. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

If memory serves me, this is the guy who won the million dollar grand prize in the "America's Got Talent" competition.

I never watch the show, but heard there was "some guy with a puppet" who was really good. I watched once and was hooked -- not on the show, but on this guy and his act. Take a few minutes and watch all of them. I think you'll be glad you did. Great talent and good, clean fun.
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Hey Bill they were really good.Have you ever seen Jeff Duham. He's great also.
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Hi Michael,
Sorry to say that I haven't seen Jeff Denham. Can you tell me more about him .... Just a few quick comments.


post #4 of 11 something. I know a bit of voice and singing. how does he DO that?!?
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Yea, how does he do that!!
He sure is good....thanks for the links Bill.icon_mrgreen.gif
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I thank you sir! That sure brought a smile to my face. smile.gif
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He is very talented. I do not watch the show, did he win?
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Very Good ... Thanks for the link,
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Bill I hope this link works for you. This uy is really funny,I have a couple of his dvd's.
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LMAO!! Really good. Thanks for the link.
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No problem, when ever I watch him I really get a good laugh, the "Dead Terrorist" is my favorite, but there's some thing about "Walter" that makes me hope I don't turn out like that in a couple more years. LOL
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