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Greetings form Michigan

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New to this forum hang out on a couple others. Have a Chargriller, a couple UDS, Smokin' Tex, a Weber kettle and a gasser. I am in the process of building two large units. One stumps clone and one with a rotissorie.
I am still learning but want to junp into some local comps this year. I have some metal fab experience if someone needs help I will do what I can

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Welcome aboard, Like to see some pics of the smokers your building.
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Welcome to the SMF Mike! Looking forward to your Qviews and input.smile.gif
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Welcome to SMF! Sounds like you're set up with enough smokers to cook for a small army. smile.gif Looking forward to seeing pics of your smokers as well as the stuff that comes out of them.

This is a friendly sort of place, so make yourself at home and look around. We're glad you joined us.
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Hia From Lake orion. I'm in the middle of a custom rig- stickburner/propane hybrid <Search "beast">. Welcome to SMF and enjoy! What area you from?
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Jump in feet first Throttle! Enjoy the ride and post those pics.
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Welcome to the site, looking forward to some pics.
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Welcome Full Throttle Q. Lookin forward to pics of your builds and some input to the forum.
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Full Throttle:

Glad to have you as a new member. I know you will enjoy yourself here.

Have fun.

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Welcome aboard Full Throttle, glad you joined us!!
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I am in Clinton Township, the shop is in Fraser. I will take some pics and post them. Richtee, did a search for "beast" and got everything but the cooker your building, got any links? love to see it
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Welcome full throttle, sounds like you will be an asset to the SMF. Got any favorite recipes or rubs you would like to share?

Glad to have you here icon_lol.gif
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welcome to the site from another Michigander. You will like it here!PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Oh ya, were neighbor's..........welcome to the SMF!
P.M. sent! icon_mrgreen.gif
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that thing is a beast, lookin good too. I will get some pictures up and try to participate. Thanks for the nice welcome, who knew there were many guys from MI. around we ned to plan a get together
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Welcome aboard Full Throttle Q from a fellow Michigander.

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Welcome aboard from another Michigander! Alot us around here
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Welcome from yet another MI resident. This site has a ton of great info.
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Welcome Mike -

Sounds like you've got quite a collection of smokers there. Can't wait to see some QView!
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