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Free stuff and guests bringing surprises!

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About a week ago my brother told me of a smoker at my mom's place that he wouldn't be using anymore. DING! Eyes lighting up. Saturday early morning I went and rescued it.

After a stop at the store for a rack of spares, I was back home competing with this....

I eliminated the charcaol and converted to propane for this smokes maiden voyage, at least while in my posession.
After getting up to temp and the mix of apple and hickory smoldering, here is the rack rubbed and ready.

After 2 hours in the smoke and a steady 225 degrees....

During the smoke I threw a batch of Ajthepoolman's cold weather soup and made a few quarts of chicken stock for future use.

The finished rack complete with bones falling out

And all plated up with a surprise that was brought with a friend of my wife's for dinner.

A good time and a good meal shared among friends!!
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That deal's hard to beat! Looks like it just needed a good home. How accurate was the temp. gage? Or did you check it?
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That looks great Dingle! Good deal on the smoker too!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Rip the new digital is on the Christmas list. Just using a cheap thermo from the old turkey fryer. Accurate im not sure but was able to keep it steady. And was very pleased with the results.
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Now that's what I call a great day! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That's how you make a cold day warm and cheery! Great job with the maiden voyage and Thanks for Sharing.
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How about posting some pics of your conversion job.
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Ya made some good looking ribs, Dingle! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Just imagine what you'll get out of that smoker once you get it all figured out!
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Looks like good times to me!! nice ribs!!
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Never would have thought that crablegs would be the least favorite portion of the dinner. That was a quote from my wife's friend.
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Nice rescue!!!!! Keep it up.
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Nice score, these things do not need to be sitting around rotting when a SMF member can put them to good use. Good looking ribs also !!!
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Thanx Mossy. Was checkin out the "show yourself thread". The shaved thing is workin for ya!

Sorry Mossy! That was Friday. Forgot you had the pheasants!
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Good looking smoking adventure. Congrats.
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nice dude........and WHAT a crab leg........but

i guess i will be the only to ask...........what IS that in the center of the plate?
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That big leg

I knew it wasn't you who said that the crab leg was the least favorite part of your meal. How was that shot of butter after you ate the leg?
For those who use this forum, Dingle is my BFF. I will vouch for all of his meals. He hasn't made a bad one yet.
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Dingles Berry........welcome.......head on over to roll call and introduce yourself.........so we all can give a proper howdy doo........

and i hope the least part of the meal being the least fav.....the crab leg......sure wasn't me.........i LOVE king crab legs
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That was a fun post. Nice job of salvage and you sure put it to good use.

Thanks for taking us on the trip.

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Hey Dingle, Fantastic rescue, and fantastic pics, I'll have to look up AJTHEPOOLMAN'S stew, It is colder and time for some REAL good STEWicon_smile.gif
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That is a bread bowl filled with Ajthepoolmans cold weather soup. I get those crablegs @ SamsClub. HUGE!
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