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Are you kidding me cowgirl, I do not think George Strait was on the radio till 1981.

Just kidding, I do thank you for the link !!!
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Seems not to play for me, but don't matter. many are now playing in my head
"heeeey Mr. Tambourine man...play a song for meee..."
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Zapper, glad you liked it!

Ole, I don't think I've ever heard that version....thanks for the link!

Mossy, ........LOL!

Sorry it won't open for you Rich! I don't know what could be wrong.confused.gif
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Wish it was continous play.......
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Cool site!!! I like all kinds of music... I used to DJ wedding dances and bars etc.... It's kinda nice to have a music library like this available on my PC at work
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Won't play for me either, it played on my old computer fine. Must be something on this new one blocking it. Lost the site when I upgraded. If you
figure it out let me know.
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Dang Blackhawk! Wish it would work for ya! Could it be blocked by a firewall or virus protection? Just guessing...I have no clue.

cajun, I wish it had continuous play too...that would be great.
I still wish I could hook up some large speakers to the computer to listen to it in the rest of the house.

ggnutsc, glad you like it!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Hi Blackhawk..i Use Windows Vista With Firewall..have A Bit Of Knowlage About These Screwy Things ...before Ya Start Check Speaker Volume.. Next Do You Get Any Warnings Prior To Entering The Site....next Question Do You Enter Using Internet Explorer..or Do You Enter Using A Server Page? Such As Aol Net Zero Earthlink Etc..some Of These Net Servers Are Very Skeptical..let Me Know We Will Figure It Out..mike
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Mike, I do have a burner on my laptop! Thanks for your offer though, I appreciate it.icon_biggrin.gif
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Check your level of security, if you're set at medium high or high, it might not let you play. Make sure your cookies are set to "on or accept".
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or if you don't want to accept ALL cookies.......

go to TOOLS at top of page.........internet options ......privacy......edit.......and make sure that site accepts your cookie
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So Patty, do you lay awake at night thinkin up this torment for me?? icon_razz.gificon_cry.gificon_redface.giftongue.gif
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LOL!!!! Terry!!!!
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Terry, if she keeps whipping on you... you might need to change your handle to "Rawhide". Just kidding you, all in love is fair.
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Many thanks, Patty, for the link. Love that site. I have it as a favorite now.
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smile.gif , thats the thing Rich, I just can't convince that poor little thing that she is in love with me. icon_cry.gif She seems to be more than happy with the fella she has now. icon_eek.gif I guess she just don't realize how much more purty I am than him? confused.gifwink.gif
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I'm glad you like it Rocky, I never seem to tire of it. There's such a big selection.smile.gif
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Terry, I might reconsider IF you have a welder.

Please send pictures of welder.

Just kidding!!!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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does this mean you don't want to see my welder? Its a Miller PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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