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Hmmm Well, as long as it's not yer vertical, I suppose OK };{)
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OK girls here I am in my SMF thong.

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Order came today 12-6. YEE HAA!!!
Very fast and nice job.
Thank you Jeff for your forum.
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I bought mine :-)

ok I placed my order, got me a trucker hat an apron and a golf shirt. oh ya and a little something ummmmm very little something for the wife icon_eek.gif

hope it gets here before christmas lol gives unwrapping a whole new meaning lol ooopppsss did I say that cool.gif
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wife says it looks padded lol
post #26 of 37 that an SMF thong? PDT_Armataz_01_11.gifPDT_Armataz_01_09.gif

On edit: I see that Jeremy posted his thong pic......<coughgagcough> :)
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How did I miss that picture? icon_eek.gif
Nice thong glued! LOL!
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Cap, stickers and bubba q apron on the way. yeeehawwww!!!
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Cool! Mine should be in soon. just wish the weather was a little more conducive to showing it off properly. Ah well... winter makes spring REALLY special up here.
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Got mine ordered!

I hope the misses likes her li'l gift... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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My wife emailed me and said that my smf stuff had arrived. YEEHAAW!! Wait why am I hollaring.......I am 8800 miles away.icon_frown.gif Oh well it will be there when I get home.icon_smile.gif
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I received my order today. It was all good until I got to the hooded sweatshirt. Unfortunately, the logo was off center by quite a bit. I emailed their customer support center (after 5pm) and received an email notifying me that a replacement would be shipped immediately. They even said that they didn't want me to incur any additional charges by shipping the other one back. Yeah, I'll discard that one. icon_mad.gif Kudos to the outstanding customer service at!

P.S. The thongs were fine. icon_eek.gif
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Pics please......PDT_Armataz_01_23.gifbiggrin.gif
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Trust me, Ma'am. You DO NOT want to see that! icon_eek.gif
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We agree again! ;{)
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LOL.....I will take your word on thaticon_wink.gif

BTW....Had a similiar issue with Cafe Press, and they did the same thing. Sent the new item with no shipping charges or returns charges incurred.....Rare to find that quality of customer service these days!!!
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Just bumping up the comments on customer service provided at

I recently ordered a couple of shirts and a hat. I got them in very good time. The problem I had was a self inflicted bonehead mistake- I ordered the wrong sizes in the shirts.

I requested an RMA to exchange for the proper size. They sent back an e-mail stating they would send out new shirts and no need to return the items and at no additional cost to me.

Cafepress Rocks!

Excellent choice in supplier Jeff!
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