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Advice on a Smoker for Dads X-mas gift

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Hello, my father has an old smoker that he uses and is to cheap to buy a new one. He has great luck at times and burns things the rest of the time. He uses a small single burner electric hot plate with a cast iron skillet as the wood tray. I want to buy him a new one, but I see charcoal,electic,propane, what one is the easiest to use? I have read that the propane ones are hard to keep the temp. low enough. Please I need help fast before the holidays. I should mention that cost is a concern what can I get in the $100 range? Thanks everyone for helping me out with this, Victor
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Well, if he's open to change (as for the heat source), a charcoal fired ECB would be a great addition. Those li'l buggers can produce some great Q for around half of what you have to spend.

Good luck!
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Hello, he has an old brinkman that he use the way I explained above. I was looking at "The Great Outdoors Charcoal Smoker" for $90 on Amazon, is this a good unit? I want to get him a natural burning smoker, but if it is a lot harder to use then I will go with a gas or electrical unit. I like to way the great outdoor unit opens from the front , it will make using it easy for him he has one bad hand. Thanks a ton for the information and time, Victor
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That's a pretty popular smoker around here, but I don't have one... I am sure someone will be around soon to help you out with the ins and outs of it.

Good luck!
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If your dad likes the electric unit he has, and is to stubborn to get another, i would stick with electric.
Huge learning curve on gas and even more on charcoal.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Maybe you could hint at what he'd like ... Ya know Dad I know this guy who has a ---- smoker what do you think?
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What is a good electric unit for around $100 does one exist? Thanks everyone for such fast replies, Victor
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Brinkman electric gourmet......$69.00
Set it and forget it, your dad will love you!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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What about a model that opens from the frnt, this would make it easy on my dad to move meats around, as I mentioned he has a bad hand. Thanks, Victor
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Sounds like you are descrbing a MES PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
It will cost $199 + taxes for the black version unless
you find it on sale somewhere.

I like mine ( MES )PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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the only one i've ever used is my camp chef smoke vault ,its propane and i love it .
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Luhr Jensen makes a unit called the Big Chief that opens from the front. I don't know what they run though.
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Cabelas carry them for 99.00 electric powered

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The one thing about this one <I think> is it really won't do the high temp bird thing. Seems I read it won't top 225 or so?.

'Course, just looking at it...a bit of insulation might help ALOT.
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Not sure about max temp, but they do have that nifty "smoking jacket" thing to slip over it... that's gotta help!
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Thanks everyone for being so helpful so fast. I ordered the Luhr Jensen Little Chief with the jacket as I'm in michigan(burrrrrrr). I got it from jannsnetcraft.com, smoker, jacket, and a package of rub shipped for $106 not bad I thought. I'll get him on this forum once hes smokin up a storm. Thanks guys and gals for everything, Victor
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Need to say where in MI. Seems like us Michiganers are leading the pack when it comes to members here! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
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I'm in Warren not far from you. I get some wood from a small mill in Brighton. Looking to get out that way this or next week. Michiganders are meat eaters, need the high protein for the cold weather. Thanks everyone, Victor
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Wow I'm really mad , I just got the smoker in the mail and in had no it or craft paper on secondary box, it was shipped as is. Well now my fathers X-mas gift is no surprise as he brought it in the house. Thanks a lot jannsnetcraft.com what great buisness practice send stuff 3 weeks before the holidays in its original package. Is it just me or does this seem to be very common sence stuff, not rocket science. Sorry had to vent, I called and reallt only thing they could say was sorry (we are stupid). I almost want to send it back, but my fathers face when he told me thanks, and I said for what, he said the smoker, I said darn it,LOL. Thanks for letting me vent I feel better, Victor
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