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Hmm "The Preburn" thing

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Smokey's My Pet's thread got me thinking...perhaps I should install a "stopper plate" in my firebox to drop over the outlet while I open the lid and put the propane to the fresh wood while reloading the Beast's firebox. The propane burner in the smoking chamber would keep my heat, and I'd not need a pile of coals laying around to restock the firebox. Hmmm any comments on this?
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What is wrong with just adding a fresh split??
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Nothing, I suppose. But it COULD be one more cool feature that's easy to add. :{)

Or maybe in case of me wanting to take a nap while doing 32 briskets and not worry about loading the box with fresh wood? ;{)
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You damn engineer's gotta overthink everything!!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
Let's get the "beast" built and smokin!!icon_mrgreen.gif

P.S. I'm free to come over and supervise.....project manager mod.PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Don't sound to bad, I'm in the process of building a stick burner, and i'm a little concerned about to much smoke, i'll have to see what happens when I get it done.
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Smokeys got me a little worried.... i think i am gonna try to pre-burn in the outdoor fireplace and add the hot coals after the smoke..... see if i can tell a difference.... Right now i use a bed of charcoal... lit in a chimney.... then my smoke wood.... usually hickory, apple, mesquite, or pear..... then just add oak as needed to keep my heat....
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And that is text book to run a smoker.........why would you be worried??
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I was starting to think too much smoke... i dont taste any bitterness... i dunno.... have seen quite a few posts about pre-burning.... i gotta try it... see if it comes out better... everything else i tried that i learned here so far has worked good....
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I made my mistake by adding the wood from beginning to end and used hickory the whole time.
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I am not sure there is a problem with smoking with wood. I smoke using only wood and never have a problem with to much smoke nor do I require my hickory to be seasoned. Maybe its because I use a reverse flow style smoker but the meat always comes out the same color with the smoke penetration all the way thru. Of course I have to add every half hour to maintain temp so if that is the problem being discussed here then I have stepped in and should have kept quiet.
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